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How big is your... shoe?

I met a girl while traveling overseas and we hung out for the day visiting the sights, on our way out she asked me what my shoe size was? so pointed out that they were size 12! Ive heard the old one about big shoes size means a big penis, but is this what she was really saying? I fear that i missed...

One date wonder.

I'm hoping you can help me , it seem every guy i see has the same problem , I'm guessing it must be me . They seem to like me then at some point just disappear never to be seen or heard from again and if i do get a message they cant or wont give me a explanation for their behaviour .. please help

Mr ain't no kisser!

I just met this great guy and really like him but he is such a bad kisser I am slowly being put off. Is there anything I can do to fix things without ruining the relationship altogether?

Get back that sexual mojo

Hi. My partner cheated on me and did lots of things with others that we haven't done but I've always wanted to. I love him very much my main question is that i feel so much heartache and betrayal I was wondering what you could suggest to ease the constant pain of what i can’t stop thinking about.

Pimp my profile!

Hi I am wondering, apart from having pictures up, what else will attract women to my profile?

Penile rehab!

Q - i am 50 years old . just had a circumcisum and vacectomy for medical reasons.i get a errection but no where near as hard or sensetive as before , how do i get back to where i used to be.

Class or crass?

Q - Am I coming across the wrong way in my profile...I'd hate to think I come across as sleezy and scare good women away...

Confidence and how to get it!

Q - Being young and moderately introverted, my sex life has been reasonably minimal and sporadic at best. I have a reasonable amount of self love, but how can i feel more confident about putting myself out there, is inexperience as off-putting as it seems to be?

First date ideas!

I know I'm not the best looking guy, but I’m fed up with being a 1 date wonder. Most girls I date don’t come back. I don’t think dinner, Movie, Flowers is a very good way of getting to know someone below the surface and I freeze up in intimate situations. What can I do to make a good first...

Is he flirting with me?!?

I am not sure if the guy at work is flirting with me or not. My best friends say that he is but I can’t see it. Is there a way to find out without looking stupid?

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