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My own Life Change Experiment?

I met a guy on RHP who I have been dating. He wants me to go away with him for a year on a working adventure holiday. I am not a tent and backpack kinda girl so I am worried the strain of roughing it will kill what we have. I see you guys traveling all over the world on your Life Change Experiment....

How to get amongst it?!

My question is what can I do to meet more people and enjoy life like a lot of others do on here. I find if you are not a certain type or size it is very hard. What about our feelings as we have same feelings as others. Some forget we are all on here for the same reason so why judge people by their...

To be honest or not?!

I am an honest guy and always believe in telling it like it is but it seems the guys that lie do better at getting the girls. I am want a great relationships but some how always seem to fuck it up

Post break-up sex?

Hi Geoff and Bess, my partner of over 5yrs broke up a few months ago. I was wondering how long is a good time wait before starting to play again and having sex with others?

Sex Adventure Time!

Hi Geoff and Bess, I am following your travel adventure at the moment. I am pretty fed up and want to add some sexy spice to my life. Any suggestion on how to have my own adventure with or without a partner.

Is this the one?

I am on my 4th relationship this year. Each one I think is the one and my friends are getting bored hearing it. Is there a way I can predict if my relationship is going to be a success before I get hurt again?

Some profile advice for the fellas

Hey guys Whats the best advice on improving your profile on RHP. Any advice is welcome. Thanks!

Polyamory tips!

Hi I am currently entering a somewhat open relationship with my gf of an awesome monogamous 2 years, with the aim of working towards polyamory. We have been open for roughly a week and are trying to work through our anxious and jealousy feelings. I was wondering if you had any advice on how to move...

How do I land my guy?

I am a smart intelligent woman who wants a serious relationship in her life. I have been told I am attractive but it seems that all the guys I meet run off with what I would describe as bimbos. I refuse to have my boobs done and bleach my hair to get a guy but is it true that men prefer this type...

Group play with the wife

Q1 – Hey Bess & Geoff i'd love to watch my wife having sex with another man or group sex.. we have spoken about it and she has never said she’s not up to do it.. She also giggles a lot when we talk about the subject. what does this mean?
Q2-  Hi guys should I dp my wife?

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