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Why do guys lie?

Why do guys lie? I am sure my boyfriend is lying to me but he insists he’s not. Am I just gullible?

Guys profiles vs real life?!?

I am single 28 year old air hostess. I love chatting to guys online but I hate getting stuck on dates with guys who are nothing like there profile says or are just not my type in real life. It has almost put me off dating altogether. Please Bessie can you help.

How to traverse sexual exploration?!

Q1 - Hello Bessie I have a boyfriend who is also on this site looking for casual sex with women. What would you suggest I do to stop feeling jealous and go off the deep end all the time which causes us to break up all the time... when I want him to have as much pleasure as possible?

Q-2 Hello I...

Sex appeal?

My wife isnt interested in sex anymore we maybe have it once a month if lucky. Have tried talking and doing special things but nothing seems to help. Have no idea what to do but it is becoming a big issue and need some advice on how i can get her to see me in an arousing way, or if we should go our...

How do I NOT last longer??

Hi Date Doctors I am a bit embarrassed to brining this up as I know I should not complain. But I last so long and have sex for hours I get tired and sore. How can I last a bit shorter?

Same sex fantasies?

I found a msg on my bfs fb 2 another guy, saying he loves pussy & cock & wants 2 try sucking cock & being fucked hard. When i confronted him he was devastated saying he’s worked 2 hard on his image & it would ruin him & that he was just cooked when he sent it. He tells me he’s not interested in...

My own Life Change Experiment?

I met a guy on RHP who I have been dating. He wants me to go away with him for a year on a working adventure holiday. I am not a tent and backpack kinda girl so I am worried the strain of roughing it will kill what we have. I see you guys traveling all over the world on your Life Change Experiment....

How to get amongst it?!

My question is what can I do to meet more people and enjoy life like a lot of others do on here. I find if you are not a certain type or size it is very hard. What about our feelings as we have same feelings as others. Some forget we are all on here for the same reason so why judge people by their...

To be honest or not?!

I am an honest guy and always believe in telling it like it is but it seems the guys that lie do better at getting the girls. I am want a great relationships but some how always seem to fuck it up

Post break-up sex?

Hi Geoff and Bess, my partner of over 5yrs broke up a few months ago. I was wondering how long is a good time wait before starting to play again and having sex with others?

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