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Do guys hate a lot of make-up??

My guy just broke up with me and what upset me most was he told me my make up made me look like a tramp. I didn’t know guys cared about that stuff. What else am I missing?

Is my making more money than him a problem?

I make much more money than my boyfriend and he seems to be having a problem with it. I don’t think any less of him, he is a great guy with an ok job. Is this relationship doomed?

Are old fashioned manners out?

Is being polite and attentive to a date really a turn off these days? I had not dated for over 10 years and then bombed on a dates because I was too ‘old fashioned over attentive and shy when she made the first move’ .

How to make "unique" work

Hi Bess and Geoff are men like me who have a learning disability & socializing problem that affects my ability to work and interact with people destined to be strays, social outcasts, men with defects but are repairable?

Princess or Sex Object?!?

Help Bessie. I am so confused. It seems the girl I am dating sometimes wants to be treated like a princess and sometimes wants to be treated like a sex object. I am really bad at figuring out which she wants when and we usually end up in an argument.

Conversation Masterclass!

Hi Bessie& Geoff,
When I find someone I want to chat to on RHP, what are some good questions to ask?

Freaking Out Over Fetishes!

Hi guys. Please can you help. I am fed up being judged by my fetishes. People either get freaked out or don’t think I am seriously looking for love. Should I lie and hide them or keep looking

Is my guy insecure?

Hi Guys My man of 11 months is still wanting to look for women for casual sex. This has been an ongoing problem for me as he cant even please me in the bedroom as he has Erectile Disfunction. What do i do? he says he wants variety.. I was helping him look on your site but the women preferred me and...

Why do guys lie?

Why do guys lie? I am sure my boyfriend is lying to me but he insists he’s not. Am I just gullible?

Guys profiles vs real life?!?

I am single 28 year old air hostess. I love chatting to guys online but I hate getting stuck on dates with guys who are nothing like there profile says or are just not my type in real life. It has almost put me off dating altogether. Please Bessie can you help.

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