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Foot Fetish Freak Out.

I recently have been dating a really cute guy who seems more interested in my feet than the rest of me. Sometimes he prefers me to jerk him off with my feet rather than having sex. I don’t mind too much but is this actually weird and should I get out before it gets weirder?

IDK WTF NSA And All These Other Acronyms Are?!

Hi guys I am a new member and I noticed a lot of the profiles have acronyms I have no idea what they mean. For instance, a message I got had NSA on it. What is that?

I Don't Want To Fall For My Friend With Benefits!

I have awesome sex with the guy I hooked up with online. The next day he said he was happy to see me again as long as we kept it casual. I am okay with that but how do I stop myself falling for him? He made me feel great, took an interest in me, kissed me goodbye really nicely in the morning. Please...

How To Get My Girl To Watch Porn With Me?

Hi Bessie - I have always fantasized about watching porn and masturbating with my girlfriend, but I feel a bit dirty and weird asking her to do it.  We have good sex but she is quite shy and I have been told most girls are not big into porn. Is this true and what kind of porn do girls like to get...

Facial Finishes and Sexy Stares

Just a couple of  questions you may be able to answer for me:

1) Is it an insult to a woman if a man want to cum on her face? If not, why would he want to?

2) When a man makes love to a woman and looks into her eyes does it mean anything?

I hope you can answer these for me. Thank you.

Have I Found My Soulmate On RedHotPie?

I am falling in love with a guy I met on RHP a few months ago. I believe in soulmates and hope he is the one but I have been wrong before. Do you have any tips to spot if he is 'the one' or not? Thanks!

Married But Looking...Should I Lie?

I am married, make it plain and obvious on my profile, and only flirt/ message other married women who are looking for same me, yet I don't get any messages / responses. Realistically should I state that I am married, or should I lie?

Sex Bucket List

Hi guys my name is Rebekah. I was brought up in a very religious family and have only just had the courage to step out sexually. I feel I have a lot to catch up on and want to make up a sex bucket list of things to try but I really don’t know where to start…Help!

How big is normal?

My boyfriend is paranoid about the size of his penis. He thinks it’s too small and I will run off with a guy who has a bigger dick. I have no problem with it and think it’s about the same as the other guys I have been with but he won’t believe me. What can I do to put his mind at rest?

Is three a crowd?

I am a Gay female who has never had an experience with a guy. Recently I have been chatting to a girl online who has a boyfriend. She has asked me to have a 3 some with them. I can’t stop thinking about her, and I even think of them being together but I am not sure I can go through with it – Help!

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