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Not 'Hardcore' Enough For Full Swap Swingers?

Hi guys we have copped a lot from a few couples recently when we said we don't do full swap. What should we do to avoid this?

Sex In A Long-Term Relationship? Can't Be Bothered!

Hi Guys, I have been with my GF for 5 years. We have had a great sex life but seem to be doing less now. It’s not that she doesn’t want it, I just can’t be bothered. I have had my hormones tested and I am fine so what should I do?

The Dating Waiting Game

How long should I take to respond to a text? I don’t want to seem too keen but I don’t want to lose them either.

Online Dating Dilemma

I am 18 and new to serious online dating. I found RHP through a friend and it’s all a bit overwhelming. How many dates is it normal to go on to find someone who I really like?

How Should We Use DateFinder?

When the site says 'x or y is looking for a date with you on Datefinder' is it actually the case they are specifying us or is it a more generic term? How should we go about responding if it is specific?  How should we go about responding if it's just a generic term used by RHP?

Thank you J&A

BBW: Big (but not feeling) Beautiful Woman.

Ok I have a serious problem. I'm a bit overweight, and lots of men even women tell me I am attractive and sexy and beautiful. But every time I get these compliments I reject them saying 'No I'm not' or 'there are hotter women than me out there.' It has come to the point where I am even ashamed to...

Treat 'em Mean, Keep 'em Keen?

Is it true women don’t go for nice guys? I have friends who are total dicks to the girls they meet and they get lucky all the time. Should I be more of a bastard or is it a myth?

RedHotPie Guys Too Big To Handle?

Hey guys – You mentioned in your column a few months ago that the accepted international "average" cock is between 5.0-6.2 inches, and only a tiny percentage fall outside the standard deviation of average. How is it that so many men on RHP are very large i.e 8.5 + ?

Can I Still Get A Date With My 'Dad Bod'?

Hi Bessie is it true that women prefer guys with 6 packs. Is there a way for guys like me who have no chance of ever getting one to still make a good impression?

Should I Let Him Film Us Having Sex?

Should I let the guy I am dating film me having sex? I think it would be sexy but I am worried at the same time.

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