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How do I spare her feelings?

I’ve been sleeping with a girl who I know is head over heels for me, but I’m only in it for the sex. I guess I kind of went in without consideration for her feelings, now I’m trying to figure out how I can get out without crushing her, because I do like her a lot, I’m just not wanting a partner...

Sexual healing

I’m pretty much addicited to sex, I’m young enough that I don’t think it’s a problem now, but I don’t think I could ever stay monogamous which could ruin my life as I want kids and a husband and all that. I’m scared my need to sleep with guys, like every night or second night are gonna prevent me...

Finding the time

How do I meet someone when I work 60 hours a week? I’ve got two kids and stupidly high standards when it comes to potential partners, I reckon I’m painting myself into a pretty bloody lonely corner.

Gooood Friends

Hi, I’m in a friends with benefits kinda deal and while I’m enjoying for what I think are the right reasons, the girl seems to be a bit damaged and might be getting more involved than she lets on and that I’m comfortable with… how should I proceed? I don’t want to date this girl but I don’t want to...

The rules and how to break 'em

Can I cheat on a partner who I don’t sleep with anymore? My wife and I haven’t had sex in years, is it cheating if I sleep with someone else when the sex side of marriage is done?

In training

I love my partner dearly but she’s not really measuring up in the bedroom, don’t get me wrong, she tries and she’s into it but the skills are lacking! What’s the best way to tell her she’s a dud root without breaking her heart???

Are you packing?

I’m a big believer in safe sex, but is it the gents or girls responsibility to bring condoms? I don’t really want to look like a tart but at the same time, you can’t rely on guys to be prepared all the time! Is there any way to broach this?

Opposites attract... or do they?

Opposites attract but how much do you actually have to have in common to make a relationship work? I ask because my partner and I had the whole opposites thing initially and it was intriguing and super hot but now, it’s getting a little impractical! How do we find some kind of balance?

Arriving early

Hi Geoff, bit embarrassing but I was after some advice. For the last couple years I’ve had a premature ejaculation problem and I was wondering how I might fix this without using drugs? I really wanna satisfy my gorgeous girl!

Learning to read

HI guys, what would you do if you were seeing someone that you were really into, but you didn’t get the same vibes from him? How would you go about finding out how he feels, but in a subtle way?

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