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Waste of Time Looking For My Soul Mate?

Am I wasting my time looking for my soul mate?

I Want My Wife Back!

Hi my wife and I have split up due to been fighting on and off for a few years she's left with our two year old son. I want them back, how can I get her to have feelings for me again?

50 Shades of Sisters?

I met a girl recently and she introduced me to her sister who is older than her. I would love to take both of them to visit a BDSM mistress on separate occasions and buy them latex outfits and boots to wear. Can you please advise what would be the best way to tackle this conversation to both of...

Only Attracting Duds?

Hey Bessie I really need help. I keep attracting the wrong kind of guys. My room mate says it’s me. What am I doing wrong?

Not 'Hardcore' Enough For Full Swap Swingers?

Hi guys we have copped a lot from a few couples recently when we said we don't do full swap. What should we do to avoid this?

Sex In A Long-Term Relationship? Can't Be Bothered!

Hi Guys, I have been with my GF for 5 years. We have had a great sex life but seem to be doing less now. It’s not that she doesn’t want it, I just can’t be bothered. I have had my hormones tested and I am fine so what should I do?

The Dating Waiting Game

How long should I take to respond to a text? I don’t want to seem too keen but I don’t want to lose them either.

Online Dating Dilemma

I am 18 and new to serious online dating. I found RHP through a friend and it’s all a bit overwhelming. How many dates is it normal to go on to find someone who I really like?

How Should We Use DateFinder?

When the site says 'x or y is looking for a date with you on Datefinder' is it actually the case they are specifying us or is it a more generic term? How should we go about responding if it is specific?  How should we go about responding if it's just a generic term used by RHP?

Thank you J&A

BBW: Big (but not feeling) Beautiful Woman.

Ok I have a serious problem. I'm a bit overweight, and lots of men even women tell me I am attractive and sexy and beautiful. But every time I get these compliments I reject them saying 'No I'm not' or 'there are hotter women than me out there.' It has come to the point where I am even ashamed to...

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