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Is three a crowd?

I am a Gay female who has never had an experience with a guy. Recently I have been chatting to a girl online who has a boyfriend. She has asked me to have a 3 some with them. I can’t stop thinking about her, and I even think of them being together but I am not sure I can go through with it – Help!

The right questions!

Hi Geoff I am a Psychology student and realize the importance of asking the right questions on the first date. I am also fed up wasting time with small talk, so are there any key questions you recommend to get through the ‘first date’ charade and find out what I need to know.

One rule to date them all!

Hi Geoff. I love your column but is there one piece of advice you can give me that’s easy to remember, to get a date to like me and stay with me?

Turning hubby into a wild stallion

How do I lure my shy husband into something a little more wild?

How do I keep a guy?!?

Help Bessie. I feel like I am jinxed. I cant seem to keep a guy over 4 months, and the last 3 all ended it on email. I am scared to go looking again as I feel like my heart is getting a little harder every time I am rejected. What am I doing wrong?

How can I make my girl orgasm?

My girlfriend has never orgasmed during sex with me. I have tried different positions and even got her to order some toys online but I am worried she might leave me, even though she says its ok. Help!

Work romance... should I go for it?

Hey Bessie and Geoff – I am desperately wanting some advice. I am falling in love with a guy at my work but all my friends are telling me work relationships are a bad idea. I have not be happy in love in about 4 years so I don’t want to jinx this from the beginning. Should I quit my Job.

Do guys hate a lot of make-up??

My guy just broke up with me and what upset me most was he told me my make up made me look like a tramp. I didn’t know guys cared about that stuff. What else am I missing?

Is my making more money than him a problem?

I make much more money than my boyfriend and he seems to be having a problem with it. I don’t think any less of him, he is a great guy with an ok job. Is this relationship doomed?

Are old fashioned manners out?

Is being polite and attentive to a date really a turn off these days? I had not dated for over 10 years and then bombed on a dates because I was too ‘old fashioned over attentive and shy when she made the first move’ .

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