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First time squirting

Hi i was having wonderful sex with my partner and squirted for the first time. It felt weirdly good but im wondering is it wee and whats its purpose?

Attracting Sexy Young Things

I am 34 and my loving man is 43 we have a good relationship but when we play we are finding it harder to get, younger ladies even of my age to play with hubby....what could we do to improve our chances?

Spicing up OUR time.

So my boyfriend and I have been together for nearlly 3 years now and we have been 'swinging' (playing with single guys and/or couples) since early in our relationship . I am 100% comfortable with everything we do:) But we used to have huge sex nights, just the two of us, at least every second...

To confess or not to confess

Met my lady on RHP 2 years ago and liked each other enough to still be together but 6 weeks into our relationship I fucked another woman. I made the mistake of confessing I cheated 9 months later.  My confession shattered her so much so things have never been the same between us since. What advice...

A swinging history

Hi guys, I am seeing a girl who used to swing, off and on for over 10 years, but, if I believe her story she was never a willing swinger. Whilst it could be said "her past is her past" and I should leave it alone, it's becoming a big thing in my mind now,.and whilst I hate to admit it, I get...

Away games...

Hi There. Im from South America. Pete my husband is from QLD. We love our interludes with other couples and being Latin I have a high libido. Pete gets excited about oncoming meetings but when the time comes he has trouble getting and maintaining an erection, which he finds embarrassing and...

Roses are red...

Hey guys, there's this girl I really like well young lady that works at a candy shop,. I really want to ask her out. Should I go the old romantic and reliable and do the flowers or wait til I see her at work again? I mean I cant put, ‘ to the blonde girl with a gorgeous smile’ on a card and give it...

Why are my relationships doomed?

I don’t understand why me and so many of my friends have trouble finding love. It always  seems right at first but after a while I wonder what the hell I saw in him in the first place. Please help my life is so distracted by all these bad choices.

Man Up!

well theres this girl, who ive been talking to for a couple months now, but everytime i try to see her, she's always busy, and if i feel like when im txting her that something i say might offend her i say sorry, is saying sorry for everything annoying to girls?

Disappearing Act.

Hey so I met up with this guy yesterday. We met we had a nice chat we kissed made plans for Friday night then the next day he sends me a text saying he has to cancel and that he had to work so I said ok..... He deleted me from his page??? Ummm what the hell... So I need your advice/ help

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