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How do I improve my online hit rate?

I’m at a loss. I’ve been here, wrote to over 200 girls n I’m having NO-LUCK. Not even a flirt n it’s been 4 weeks now... Im feeling dis-heartened with it all. What am I doing wrong, plz help me.

Self Assessment

I cant find a chick. Why do they all want me to change. I just wanna one who gets it and leaves me alone. My mates don’t have a problem with me so why should she.
It pisses me off.

Swinging Into Swinging

What's the best way to start experimenting with another couple ?

Seeking Real Men

Should I give up on looking for someone or persist? I am totally over being asked 'how do I like it', which is usually the second thing a boy asks after 'hello'. I say boy, cos a real man isn't so bloody childish, esp. after they've read my profile and I want to get to know someone first. (Well I...

Gay relationship success rates

Hey, guys. Can you tell me whether the added difficulties encountered by gay couples increase the odds of them splitting up or whether it makes them work harder to stay together? It is not mere curiosity which prompt me to ask. My daughter is in a long term lesbian relationship. I'm bisexual myself...

Swinging Interest

What do u do when ur man only pays attention to you sexually if u swing?

Tips for online success

I have been a member for some time now. but have little response to my mail. not many females in my area. Is it really that dead out there..?? help

I Was Cheated On... What Now?

OK what do i do? My wife cheated on me about 10 years ago and now I find out she has been cheating again. We've been married for 18 years I have never cheated. We have 2 kids I love her but don't trust her at all. She does suffer from depretion and takes medication but it appears when she doesn't...

How Do I Increase My Pulling Power?

Hi there im new to RHP, want to meet some girls. I keep getting knocked back.  What can i do to meet someone.  I'm out for fun, but open to anything.  Im average looking bloke with a good body. What can I do?

Ch Ch Ch Changes...

My partner never does anything he says. Ive tried for years to get him to change his bad habits but he always ends up back on the couch where he started and I end up nagging. I really don’t want to be a nag but I do want him to change for his own good and the sake of our relationship. How can I get...

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