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Wanting The Big 'O'

Hi Bessie,

I am a 27 year old woman who feels like she is missing out. I'm what my friends call the prude of the group. I know all my girlfriends are into masturbation and some even have threesomes, but because I have never had an orgasm I feel self conscious about my lack of sensuality.


Watching Her With Another Man.

Hi Geoff & Bess. I am the male half of our relationship. I have always fantasized about having 2 girls at once as my partner is bi and isn't really interested in other men. Previously, I have considered her with another man and the thought really scared me.

Recently, we have started pushing our...

Getting Back In The Game

hi guys i have recently separated from my wife she wants me to start dating ( out of guilt) but i am nervous. I have always been told i am the perfect guy. I'm nice, caring thoughtful, but woman don't want that they want assholes that treat them like shit. I'm an old school romantic, so my question...

The Girl At Work

Hey Bess & Geoff - A girl at my work is so pretty, We get along great. But how do I know if she's interested

No Strings Attached?

Hey Bess n Geoff. I like this guy I met up with. We have had no strings sex for a while now and I am starting to develop feelings for him. I'm a little confused and I'm starting to worry when he doesn't message back. I'm a little lost and unsure of what to do next. He put these restrictions on this...

Is my bi actually gay?

Is a Bi really kidding himself? Do you believe that he is really Gay?

Does he 'like like' me?

My question is I've met a nice fellow on here and we have only been catching up for like 2 weeks, had sex 5 times in 3 days and the sexual chemistry is like fireworks so he works away and he texts me everyday as I him! So I'm wanting to know if he maybe like like me, because I wanna ask him if we r...

Slipping away...

Hey guys, basically I seem to manage to piss off the girl i am seeing at least once a day. She moved in just a few months ago and we are in separate rooms (this is because my snoring is baaaad). I know she likes her space and needs a lot of time alone and I want to give it to her but somehow I...

How to snag Bessie...

All I want for Christmas is you. So if I can’t have my first Christmas wish, coz your already hooked up. At least give me a hint.  What’s a guy gotta do to get a girl like you Bessie?

No Call Back!

Sat before last I caught up with a guy I met was intensely erotic as I was there with a gf and we were being sneakily playful under the table etc, then got a hotel room, was amazing.. and now nothing. I wanted to see him last Wed, got told was busy. Msged him yesterday and havent heard...

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