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How do I improve my strike rate?

I have been trying online dating for over a week now and I have not yet met anyone. Is there something wrong with my profile? I have made contacts with people and have been exchanging messages so I guess thats a plus for me. Am I too impatient? I have sent out lots of messages and am very polite in...

How do I get the hubby hot?

My man seems to want to screw everyone else but me. I catch him with porno’s all the times but when it comes to sex he’s always too tired. What can I do to get his attention back on me

Wandering Wife...

Hi Guys, I was the one that talked my wife into having sex with other guys and after the first one she was hooked. But she has fallen foe the last guy she was with. I know this as I found messages on her phone to her friend that she confides with. I feel bad for looking on her phone but I thought we...

How do I get the girl?

Hi, I chat with many girls but dont get a response after a few msgs. I dont say anything wrong just keep it short and sweet... i give up

How do I spice myself up and win him back?

Hi, I have recently been dumped by a male  friend, I just was wondering how I can et him back,  he actually said he got bored with me.  How can I spice things up to get hm back.

Friends With Benefits?!?

Hey Bessie, what Does ...friend with Benefits mean?

Dating 101

I'm simply horrible at dating. i have a very nice personality and "okay" looks but i can never make a good contact or a first impression. Also i'm unsure on how much i should put out on my profile; i'm fairly reserved so i usually err on the safe side but i think this is a big problem here. Eh,...

Is She Interested In Me?

Hey Bess & Geoff - A girl at my work is so pretty, We get along great. But how do I know if she's interested?

First Date Tips...

Dear Bessie and Geoff, Ten years ago, I met this woman. We hit off as good friends. Months later, I asked her if we could catch up for dinner. She freaked and wasn't ready, considering the drama with her violent ex. Last year, we caught up again, and next thing i knew, i got invited to her 40th last...

Strings or No Strings?

Hey Bess n Geoff. I like this guy I met up with. We have had no strings sex for a while now and I am starting to develop feelings for him. I'm a little confused and I'm starting to worry when he doesn't message back. I'm a little lost and unsure of what to do next. He put these restrictions on this...

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