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Dress for success

Q - Hi guys, are there any tricks that can give me the edge. I feel like im running out of ideas and im thinking of having some surgery as  I’m getting pretty down about my looks

Losing the V plates

Q - Hey I'm a 20 year old virgin guy who's come from a christian household and has been pretty shy with the girls. I'm unique and funloving and have recently began to come out of my shell, shed off my anti-sex christianity and learn about myself more. My question is: do you have any advice on how to...

Attracting couples

Q - How do i attract more couples off this site? I have a good go with the women but the couples seem to hold back.

Dumping a loser 101

If I have been seeing guy for 3 years and we argue all time, but he good in bed and I now emotionally dependant....should I dump him....and how...

No Big O

How can i get to the big "O" i can't by myself and i am single so its a very BIG problem please help

The male brain?!?

What does it mean when a guy tells u ur exclusive with them, ur the one,love seeing and spending time with u,want to live with u then u find out there talking on rhp sexually,exchanging numbers,when each is free ect then u get a MSG to tell u he's got a girl coming round come join him. Help me...

What's in a name?

How hots your name?

Missing Mojo

Hi Guys, Lately my girl has been not into it much, it seems she's lost her mojo libdo sex drive what can we do, we've tried diet and exercise  but nothing has worked for her, I think she has some sort of fetish but she's not opening up and when i do suggest something she gets a little up set, Any...

Does anyone want to commit anymore?

Have guys given up on settling down? Not that I'm complaining, I am enjoying having fun on this site without the pressure but if the right person came along I'd take the chance and try this great thing that everyone talks about and start an exclusive relationship. But all the guys are adamant that...

Sex... what's the magic number?

My wife is a bit confused on how many times shoud we have sex, she thinks that as we work together once a week or fortnight is the norm I told her that some couples have sex more then once every day where can i find some good articles to show her what other people do

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