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Does She Like Me?!

Hi Geoff and Bess I just want to know how can you tell from internet chat alone, if a woman is into a guy?

Profile Tip - Embrace The Change!

Hi Bessie Geoff. Can you please explain why my profile does not get any attention, am i doing something wrong?

Tricky Invitation

Bessie n Geoff, we have been swinging now foe around 8 years, having lots of fun with couples and single males. We have played at parties and meet people through here RHP, mostly successfully! However Mrs has been recently visiting s grocery store, in which one of the employees has been flirting,...

Finding Sexy Adventures

I have just started experimenting and I had absolutely no idea what I was missing. I am not sure what else is out there for singles and couples beyond the online and swingers parties but I’d love to know what else I am missing and whats fun to do.

Settling Into Swinging...

Hi Bessie and Geoff, I need to ask what you think of the following. I met a guy n we hit it off straight away we talked for over 5 hours the first time n we would talk on the phone for ages, we really clicked. We went to a swingers party and he wasn't all that crazy with the guy i had sex with even...

Swinging conundrum...

My partner and I have bean together for 9 years swingers for 5 of those years mostly with men she cant handle swinging with females much as she can get very jealous at times I feel like I’m not living life to the full and am forced to go behind her back I’m scared to ask if we can swing with females...

Get me a girlfriend... stat!

Dear Bessie and Geoff I haven't had a girlfriend in years and I need one sometime down the track. Can you please give me some advice on how to find a girlfriend and fast?

Pimp my profile!

Hi Geoff & Bess I was just wondering if you guys could give me an honest opinion about my profile, no offence will be taken and I value your honest opinions, as I am wondering whether to change it, thanks.

Getting the wife into group sex.

How do I get my wife to have threesomes and group sex ?

Does he secretly want a commitment?

I am with a guy who does not want commitment, nor do I, yet he has moved in with me and we have great sex every night. I just want to know, for a guy who is not into the commitment thing, why is he so jealous if i walk outside in my nightie and speak to another guy who I have known for a long time?...

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