Womanizer – is this the hottest sex toy on the planet?!

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After seeing the Womanizer pop up over and over again around the more explicit corners or the internet, I...

After seeing the Womanizer pop up over and over again around the more explicit corners or the internet, I asked my girlfriends if they had heard of it. Long story short, not only had they all heard of it, all but one of them had bought one!

After scolding them for not sharing their discoveries, I knew I would be adding one of these strange looking clitoral stimulators to my toy collection. 

Whilst the Womanizer hit the scene and established itself with the W100 model, the latest generation is the Womanizer W500 Pro, and from what I’ve read, the jury is still out on whether the upgrades help it surpass it’s much respected predecessor, but I’m all for latest and greatest, so I went Pro.

When you break it out of the larger than expected box, the build looks good. Not too heavy, not too light. The W500 doesn’t suffer the same unavoidable comparison with a doctor's ear thermometer like the W100 did, but it is still a strange looking little beast.

It’s USB charged, and ready to go out of the box. You power it on by holding down the genuine Swarovski crystal before selecting one of eight power levels using the intensity button next to the crystal.

It makes a soft whirring sound, and initially I wonder how this subtle little toy will reach the heights that had been so widely reported, but, I followed the instructions, lubing up, and strapping in.

You position the little suction funnel over your clitoris and apparently, just wait for the magic to happen. Seemed simple enough, so that's exactly what I did.

How did it fare? One minute and fifty-two seconds. That’s how quick it was. One minute and fifty-two seconds between fumbling around trying to work out the right position and pressure, to the release of my first orgasm. The hype is real.

After composing myself and taking a minute to enjoy the afterglow, I thought I’d try again, maybe the anticipation had done half the work for the Womanizer, perhaps next time will take a little longer.

One minute and eighteen seconds.

The Womanizer W500 is legit; it’s direct but gentle, easy to use and different to anything that’s come before it. With its two interchangeable heads and expanded intensity settings, this new model hasn’t so much eclipsed the widely praised original, it has just built on what it did best, accommodating a wider range of body types and power requirements.

So if you’re in the market for a new toy, right now, the Womanizer is numero uno, and until they invent something that also mixes cocktails and gives neck massages, it’ll be hard to beat.   

Check out the original Womanizer W100 and the all new Womanizer W500 over at Lovehoney now.

Ladies, have you got one? Would you try one? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Posted: Dec, 25 2016
I bloody love it i have 2 best thing to use when ur partner is away
Posted: Dec, 25 2016
I have a friend that loves it,
I'm beginning to worry. ..lol.💋
Posted: Dec, 22 2016
30s flat...and even less than that... just as good as my other toy, but it's compact, girly, uses USB charger and quiet shhhhh :x so the Womaniser wins hands down ;) can't wait to try during penetration
Posted: Dec, 22 2016
All my dreams of the hottest orgasim is coming true. I've tried to design my own erotic touch the spot deep inside toy for over 5 yrs. Yep, the womanizer could be the ticket. Definitely, need yr man on the other end controlling this baby mmmmmm.
Posted: Dec, 20 2016
@Saffadude2 - Toys don't make men obsolete... for me, toys are the substitute or at least the quickie solution. Nothing like a man's touch ;)
Posted: Dec, 19 2016
I haven't tried but oh god I would love to.
Posted: Dec, 18 2016
Umm lol u think ill be buying myself a xmas present this year
Posted: Dec, 17 2016
Great review! Santa, I've been good this year!
Posted: Dec, 15 2016
Quick question ladies. Doesnt all these toys make men obsolete? Lol
Posted: Dec, 15 2016
Ohhhh I love mine 😜
Posted: Dec, 15 2016
I have the older version and LOVE IT xx In general I have a difficult time having an orgasm but with this little beauty I've actually had 5 within 15 minutes. At first it used to give me a headache as I tensed up so hard now I breath through it. At first it is an issue with finding the right spot and it's a solo performance unless your partner can assist with interfering with the position it's in.
Posted: Dec, 15 2016
Been looking at these ... might get one me thinks
Posted: Dec, 15 2016
A must have but don't get to excited, it is a small dose toy. Or you will need an ice pack the next day. ( I know cause it happened to me. )
Posted: Dec, 14 2016
I have given this present to a very sexy woman. She orgasmed mega hard within 15 seconds. that is right 15 seconds flat and yelled hard that the neighbors heard. Great gift for cheeky girls well worth the 300 bucks and the OMG moment. Save up your pretty pennies peeps.Why settle for the rest..purchase the best!!
Posted: Dec, 14 2016
Wife want it order it xxxx
Posted: Dec, 14 2016
Oooooo i think i should put this on my xmas list....... please Santa iv been so very good!!!!
Posted: Dec, 14 2016
Well someone's Christmas gift is now sorted for this year
Posted: Dec, 14 2016
We will b ordering one right away!
Posted: Dec, 14 2016
Simply the best, better than all the rest!! Absolutely love it.
Posted: Dec, 14 2016
Mrs Sxc has one of these babies and can testify that this will blow your minds girls... BTW These are the droids your looking for😈😈😈
Posted: Dec, 14 2016
Posted: Dec, 14 2016
We bought one a couple months back, best investment ever!!!
Usually doesn't take longer than a couple minutes before I'm squirting everywhere 😊😊
Posted: Dec, 14 2016
Sounds good to me I'd give it a whirl for sure!
Posted: Dec, 14 2016
OMG...something to suck my clit every night? Yes please!! Hahaha next thing they need is the womaniser with clit tickler... every woman would be done for...sweet dreams ;)

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