Valentine's photo session

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Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to take some sexy photos and update your RHP profile....

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and we're sure you are trying to make some plans for that evening.

You have invested hours shopping to find the ideal gift and the sexiest outfit for your Valentine’s Day date. You plan to look amazing head to toe. Your make up will be perfect, you’ll smell good and you are going to look sexy as hell – mood is set and you are the ideal model.

This is the perfect opportunity to take some sexy photos and freshen up your personal photo repertoire.

And guess what ...  You can use these photos to finally update your RHP profile. You might also want to read our article on  Photos that will make your profile irresistible.

Here are some suggestion.....

1.    Dress for success

You got that one covered because you have already done that part, as you were getting ready to go out on your Valentine’s date. Bring extra outfits, at least three, hey you’re in the mood might as well roll with the flow.

2.    Practice poses

Before you start, practice a couple of poses and facial expressions. Use what’s around you creatively.

For example use mirrors to do some trick-photography.


Use a chairs, window sills or the bed for some of your poses. 

Play with a strand of pearls.....


Obligatory butt shot is 100% necessary. You're getting the picture, let your imagination flow.

The power of the wet t-shirt....

3.    Bad to the bone

Why the heck not add some flare to your photo shoot, bring on the bad girl image and use some props that show you are a sexy vixen. Whips and chains will add a bit of naughty seduction.

4.    Have fun

Turn on the music, grab a glass of wine and let go of your inner goddess.

Better yet, look over a favourite model of yours and learn a few of her signature poses. Focus on your best assets, boobs, legs, booty, or your sexy smile and face.

Taking sexy photos and looking at your lover through the lenses of your camera is sure to heat things up for you. The posing and the constant snapping is your foreplay for the night. Both of you will be pretty worked up for what is to come next – lust and steamy sex. If you are game continue to snap away and capture yourselves in the some passionate pics.

Later, go over your new pics and upload them to your profile, they will certainly be a hit.

That’s Valentine’s Day giving all year long.

image credit: Instagram & Google images

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