Tis the season to hookup

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Tis the Season for Casual Sex. Here's Where You Can Find Your Holiday Hookup...

If you’re single, we have one question for you: Are you looking for a holiday hookup? Of course you are.

It could be with sexy stranger, an office crush or an old ex. No matter who you pursue for some shared pleasure, your chances look good. According to a RHP survey, Christmas is the season for breaking up and the season for no-string hookups.

In other words, the holidays make people reflect on their current relationship and ditch it if they think it has been fading away. Why spend extra money on gifts on a person you are not willing investing in anymore? 

Obviously, there's going to be a surplus of 'available' singles around during the holidays. With a lot willing to hook-up with strangers, or co-workers thanks to the Xmas office parties and some caving in and hooking up with an ex who is also available. During the holidays, casual sex is easier to pursue in secret and provides an excuse to text an old fling you haven’t seen in oh, 364 days.

In other words, the holidays make single people very horny. 

With holidays being peak season for breakups and singles feeling horny the conditions for hooking up are optimal.

Be bold this holiday, whether you just broke up or are looking for a hookup only and state in your profile or Datefinder "Looking for FWB for a fun time." This way if both of you are game, the rules are laid out in advance.

Be safe people, because it has been established that more children are conceived in December than in any other month, so lovers, wrap it up and have fun.

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Posted: Jan, 10 2018
I’d love to meet a holiday hook up.
Posted: Dec, 26 2017
I’m ready
Posted: Dec, 26 2017
Well I'm hear to a new thing so let's see how this all goes lpl
Posted: Dec, 26 2017
Wrap it up alright 😂
Posted: Dec, 23 2017
Wow that is a deep post
Posted: Dec, 22 2017
Look forward to, before I fly on Boxing Day let’s do you babe
Posted: Dec, 20 2017
Holiday hook ups, well fingers crossed I’m in Perth on HOLIDAY lol
Posted: Dec, 19 2017
Posted: Dec, 19 2017
I love holiday
Posted: Dec, 19 2017
Looking for FWB for a fun time ;) lol

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