The RHP New Year's Resolution Sex Challenge!

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Oh, man; that was a seriously sexy new years. We thought we’d give you a few days to recover, but now it’s...

Oh, man; that was a seriously sexy new years. We thought we’d give you a few days to recover, but now it’s time to talk about something very important – amazing sexual experiences in 2017!

Yes, we’re talking about resolutions, but not the tired old resolutions that usually bring us undone in February when we fall off the new diet or bail on the gym. We’re talking about real, sexy, achievable goals for 2017, goals that will super-charge your sex life.

So, what can you aim to do in the bedroom to guarantee a year of physical and spiritual nirvana? Well, we’re very glad you’ve asked. We’ve put together 20 sex challenges to tick off throughout the year, challenges that will ensure your sexual satisfaction and make 2017 the hottest on record. Check ‘em out:

1 – Try a new sex toy. There’s some amazing stuff on the market this year.

2 – Anal has been super popular of late… give it a crack (pardon the pun).

3 – Have sex in a room you’ve never done it in before.

4 – Shag under the stars - go camping or just hit the backyard.

5 – Try for a threesome, because two is a crowd, but three is unforgettable.

6 – Get wet and wild! Shag in the water; ocean, shower, doesn’t matter.

7 – Put on a show and masturbate for your partner, they’ll love it as much as you will.

8 – Tie someone up (consensually of course!), try rope, cuffs or zip ties, whatever.

9 – Hell, have someone else tie you up!

10 – Have a dirty weekend; pack the car, travel, shag. Simple.

11 – While you’re away on the dirty weekend, knock one out in the car!

12 – Indulge in a little afternoon delight. Shag during the day for a change.

13 – Make a little home made porn, all you need is your phone camera and a co-star.

14 – Chips, dips, chains and whips… try a little BDSM; it hurts so good.

15 – Get back to nature and go naked. Can you do 24 hours straight?

16 – Up the dirty talk, try some no holds barred filth talk and watch the sparks fly.

17 – Food porn. Hit the kitchen and work some fucktastic food into your play.

18 – Swing for the fences. For some swinging is a bold move, but the rewards are huge.

19 – Go public with your shagging. Pick somewhere secluded and have at it.

20 – Try a position marathon. One sex session – ten positions… and GO!

How many of these do you think you'll be able to cross off the list? Any other sex challenges you think we should add? Tell us below!

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Posted: Jan, 12 2017
How likes girls
Posted: Jan, 08 2017
#5 a threesome 😍 Just need to find a sexy friend x
Posted: Jan, 07 2017
This is brilliant! What a year ahead! Good luck!!!!
Posted: Jan, 06 2017
Abosutyly agree with all your New Year delights...let inhibitions go. Express your hidden wickedly outrageous kinky thoughts..don't hold back and just get down n juicy and enjoy all that feels good...x

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