The Crazy Things Celebrities Do To Their Vaginas

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FEMALE celebs these days just can’t stop talking about (and caring for) their vaginas. This week, Beauty and...

FEMALE celebs these days? They just can’t stop talking about (caring for) their vaginas.

This week, Beauty and the Beast actress Emma Watson revealed how she uses a $US40 product called Fur Oil on her pubic hair.

“It’s an amazing all-purpose product,” the 26-year-old told beauty website Into the Gloss. She uses it on her eyebrows — as well as her lady parts.

She’s certainly not the first star to open up about varying treatments designed to keep things shipshape down there.

Here are five other examples:


Kourtney Kardashian may have joked on Conan in December 2010 that she uses mayonnaise to shine up her genitals, but the reality-TV family has been deadly serious about their enthusiasm for ThermiVa. For the uninitiated, it’s a wand that dermatologists insert into the vaginal canal to heat tissue, stimulate collagen and revitalise the area. “My sisters, they’ve had kids, and there’s a vaginal lasering thing to tighten it,” Khloe Kardashian said on her show, Kocktails with Khloe, in August last year. “So in my household, all they do is talk about this vagina laser.”


No genitalia subject is taboo for Big Little Lies actress Shailene Woodley, who shared advice with Into the Gloss. “Another thing I like to do is give my vagina a little vitamin D,” she explained in March 2014. “If you live in a place that has heavy winters, when the sun finally comes out, spread your legs and get some sunshine.”


Gwyneth Paltrow has long been a fan of vaginal steaming. Goop, the wellness website of everyone’s favourite blonde goddess, advocated for the cleansing practice of an herbal “mugwort v-steam” in January 2015, but gynaecologists were less convinced about its effectiveness.

Still, a year later, Paltrow spoke to website the Cut and sang the praises of the steaming technique, citing its “real healing properties”. She admitted that she was sceptical at first. “The first time I tried v-steaming, I was like: ‘This is insane.’ My friend Ben brought me, and I was like: ‘You are out of your fu**ing mind. What is this?’ But then, by the end of it, I was like: ‘This is so great.’”

Meanwhile, an early, lesser-known adopter of the v-steam was reality-show star Tamera Mowry, who first indulged her lady bits in 2013, sitting on a toilet-like contraption that blasted hot steam, mugwort tea and wormwood into her vagina. It’s apparently an old Korean tradition.


Lauren “Lo” Bosworth hasn’t done much on TV since her heady days in twin reality series Laguna Beach and The Hills, but she gets props for her entrepreneurship. Last year, the beach blonde launched her own line of feminine hygiene products to tackle “tricky infections and irritations” down below. “This is something that was created out of necessity for myself and my friends, women that I know,” Bosworth said about her Love Wellness brand. The lotions and potions range from pH-balancing Do It All Wipes to Good Girl Probiotics pills. “There’s no reason why you should have 15 products for your face and zero products for your vagina,” she told the Cut.


As we’ve heard, mum-of-two Paltrow can always be relied upon to put women in touch with their inner, er, innards. Her Goop site went bananas over so-called “jade” or “yoni” eggs, which — when inserted into people’s vaginas — are meant to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and improve their sex lives. Doctors, meanwhile, were about as happy about the concept as they were about the v-steam.


Would you try any of these crazy celebrity trends? Have you tried them already? Let us know below!

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Posted: Mar, 13 2017
Slippery little suckers,....hey!
Posted: Mar, 13 2017
Well they need to keep their pink bits looking good because the attention seekers are always flashing them for easy publicity

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