Taste of Love Festival Byron Bay

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Taste of Love Festival, is the sum of erotic and sensual right at our door step - Byron Bay...

The Taste of Love Festival features an international, national and local line up of presenters on the topics of awakening, love and consciousness and is scheduled to debut in Byron Bay, 20 - 22 Jan 2017 for the second time after it’s first successful debut in February 2016.

Event organizer and Byron bay local Marion Ellyard explains:

 “People want to know how to be more ecstatic in their daily lives, how to be more connected to a larger sense of self and not just living small in the world. They want to be able to communicate openly and honestly with their partners and share their deepest desires, and to be truly themselves, able to show vulnerability and live from the heart without fear of judgment. That’s what 'Taste of Love' is about".

Marion continues …

“People also want to know how to be happy and fulfilled as individuals in long term relationships while maintaining their authenticity. They want to be able to integrate their sexuality and spirituality alongside raising a loving family, having meaning, commitment and purpose in their communities and dealing with the stresses of every day life. All this is a lot more real when we come back to ourselves, reconnect with our body, create a harmony within and reawaken the life force to stream through us so we can feel it, this is actually possible”

It's a feast for the senses, a wonderful mix of interesting and vibrant people coming together, performances, laughter, dance, experiences and deep sharing. We offer also lightness, fun and enjoyment with an incredible program, celebrations, 100% local and organic food provided next year by Veet Cuisine.

We also offer local accommodation discounts in Byron Bay so participants can stay close to the event and be together.”

The Taste of Love Festival 2017 will feature well known presenters such as Elaine Young (Ireland), Annetta Luce (US), Destin Gerek (US), Shantam Nityama (US) Elie Prana (Japan) and Eyal Matsliah (Australia) just to name a few. There are local and national presenters kept in balance to support everyone, musicians and artists whose work is highly regarded by peers and attendees alike. The full program is available in late October 2016 on www.tasteoflove.com.au

The Festival commences Friday morning on 20th January 2017 at the Byron Bay Community Centre and runs until Sunday evening on 23rd January 2017. With a full program of over 30 sessions in 3 streams to pick and choose from, as well as a 2 evening events Friday and Saturday night ‘Taste of Love’ promises to be a wonderful experience again like its predecessor in 2016.

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