Take it to the edge … EDGING, for the ultimate Orgasm

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Everybody is looking for the ultimate orgasm and how to be a better lover. Here is the secret to how. ...

For those of you who don’t know, edging is also known as ‘Orgasm Control’ or ‘Teasing’. It is when you are just about but you stop or delay your orgasm. It creates a superior orgasm and in men it will help improve their sexual stamina.

As we all know, not all orgasms are equal! Some feel more intense and vibrate through your entire body, while some feel short and shallow. If you are constantly hunting for that ultimate orgasm, then maybe edging might be for you.

Edging will create a deeper bond in your relationship, as ultimately, the best sex is when both partners experience an intense orgasm at the same time. Edging will sync your orgasms and allow you both the euphoric feeling of what sex should be for both partners. 

Edging can also make you a more skilled-lover by deliberately pushing off your immediate orgasm in favour of a more female partner orgasm.
The majority of women need at least 20 minutes of sexual activity to climax.  If you continually reach orgasm much faster than she does, edging will definitely help you slow you down

But remember not everybody wants a super-long sex session every time, so the time of the sex session should be adapted to suit you as a couple.

One final note, unless you are using edging as part of a dominance or submission play, it's important that it’s done intentionally and not accidentally. Nearing climax and then not reaching it can be frustrating and prevent a woman or man from making it back to that moment. But with full disclosure, time and patience, the ever-increasing sensation and blood flow eventually lead to an over-the-top mind-blowing orgasm for both.

With that said, edging is not for everyone. Some people find it frustrating. This may be the case if backing off from orgasm causes you to miss that window of opportunity, only to lose your orgasm during the session completely. Everybody is different, which is why it’s so important to pay attention to your body and know what works best for you.

Edging will work best when you know your body’s response to sexual stimulation. It’s not enough to feel the approach of orgasm; you have to know when you’re getting past the point of no return. That’s why it’s important that you try edging first on your own while masturbating and then with your partner.

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Posted: Mar, 24 2016
Edging can be great, I find it a better experience the more familiar you are with your lover, e.g, develops over time and experimentation, or those dynamite times when you meet someone and it just clicks, my version relies on lots of teasing, touching, licking and listening and feeling the responses, e.g. heart rate, breathing rate, temperature rise, reddening skin colour, moaning (All the good things!), then it's time to either gently slow down or stop abruptly (depends on mood), until being encouraged for more. This can go for ages with lots of smiles, demands, pleading and often an orgasm or two from her (this is the most difficult point for me to hold off), eventually it ends in a crescendo of deep pelvic grinding, moans, cum, laughter and elated exhaustion. Edging also works great when using restraints, so beautiful to see a lover arch her back and reach out with her hips and pelvis for more and then mix it up a bit with touch, tongue, hot breath or intercourse.... XO-G
Posted: Mar, 24 2016
I have tried edging with my regular guy friend,,where I'm teased and held off twice before allowing myself to cum,and I've found it to incredibly enhance my orgasmic potential thrice fold... My guy reckons he's had mixed success with edging when he's held off in the past... of course I'm not fazed if he comes after 5mins or 50mins as its always enjoyable...My preferences/views of course.....xoxox
Posted: Mar, 23 2016
I agree completely.My lover and I have "tricks"we use to bring each other to the edge and back.Like Snag,the journey is what it is all about.Fabulous long passionate hours....

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