Sexy Things to do on Valentine’s Day

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If you want to do something a little more special than the same old thing, here is a list of sexy things to do...

It’s Valentine’s Day, one of the sexiest times on the calendar. Each year it gets harder to come up with new ideas on such a day. If you want to do something a little more special than the same old thing, here is a list of sexy things to do on Valentine’s Day.

V-Day is the perfect time to get it on.

1. Go Valentine’s gift shopping

Way to go. You get to go out on a date and also buy each other some sexy gifts. Make your first stop a light lunch with a glass or two of wine, it’ll get you relaxed, playful and it’ll give you the courage to be a bit more daring than usual. Go lingerie shopping together. We love lingerie because it gives us a chance to dress up and feel sexy for a special occasion.

Visiting an adult store together can add some erotic thrills to any evening. Whether you just “window shop” or actually buy a few things, the experience itself is enough to get the juices flowing.

2. Dinner in a romantic restaurant

Food and love are a perfect match. Some people truly take pleasure in wining and dining. Ensure that your dinning experience has some champagne, and ends with a chocolate desert. Note: do not overeat (not that you would as fine dinning equals to very little or taste of food)

3. Act out some fantasies

The best part about Valentine’s Day is that it gives us the courage or an excuse to indulge in a sexual fantasy we’ve been dreaming up…
Try your hand at a bit of erotic spanking, blindfolds, or some Dom/sub play.

4. Try your hand at sexy photography/ Naughty Photos

This is the day to let your inhibitions go…. Take those sexy pics and show your curves off. If you’re self-conscious about your thighs and lower half – cover up your bum and accentuate your breasts. Or, if your boobs aren’t your favourite feature, wear something higher, like a corset, and opt for a thong to show off your booty. It's amazing foreplay — posing in sexy lingerie and feeling sexy, an opportunity to push your limits and play up your Fifty Shades fantasies in your naughtiest lingerie. Post the best ones up and liven up your profile with new exciting, passionate photos.

5. Romantic hotel suite

This is no time to be stingy, go all out and don’t falter. Get that suite with a spa and a balcony and all the luxuries that are necessary for a night of romance.

6.  Sexy movie

Fine dine your date and then ensure you select the right movie. It can be the difference between having a night to remember and just dozing off on the couch before the final credits.

You could go watch 50 shades to set the mood for your night of romance and hey why not a little bit of kink. This is the one night were everything goes, as the saying goes in war and love all’s fair. What more could you possibly need to get your own night rolling?
If you want to get to the point straight up, watch some porn. Many couples do find watching a dirty movie together to be just what they need to get their engines running.

The other choice is a horror movie. Fright and libido have a very weird connection. According to one Canadian study, sexual arousal scores go through the roof when you’re anxious or frightened. It could be that when you’re freaked out, all of your senses are aroused, which in turn primes you to respond to any sexual stimuli.

7. Fancy cocktail bar & pick up a stranger

Love takes work and lubrication, taking your love interest to a fancy cocktail bar is not only sexy but also ensure you are lubricating their romantic and lustful side. Can never go wrong when your date is in a relaxed and playful mood it just translates well into the bedroom.

8. Invite an RHP member for some indoor fun

Want to Netflix and chill? Then get yourself over to DateFinder and send out Netflix  & Chill to those interested in a Valentine with benefits.
If nothing comes of it, turn it into a chance for some good old self-love. A long bath is sure to get you there….

9. Plan a sexy staycation

Oh yeah, you know we’re talking to you. Staycation is your ideal Valentine’s Day. After a couple drinks the exhibitionist in you comes out to play and all you want to do is watch, or entertain a room of voyeurs on RHP chat rooms, or just making your own porn.  You know what you want and you don’t want to wait for it.

10. Organise a threesome

This is a top fantasy with many couples, and Valentine’s Day is a great time to make this fantasy real.
Don’t get too hook on the ‘unicorn’ because threesomes aren’t just about FMF but you have the healthy variety of MMF or MFM. The whole idea, is to let go of inhibitions and just run wild and fulfill your deepest fantasies without trepidation.

Happy Valentine's Day

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