Older Women are the best for naughty dates

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Women of all age are beautiful creatures. Oh but, the older woman, she is someone special.......

Women are absolutely amazing creatures at any age, but there is something striking about an older woman. Whether you attribute it to her experience, her age, or her gained knowledge of self and her sexuality, she makes the best woman for men to date.

They are often referred to as Cougars, silly nicknames aside, dating an older woman, could be the best dating decision you ever make.

There are plenty of solid reasons to date older women that have nothing to do with just how fabulous they look. Here are all the reasons why she's the best woman to date:

1. She knows what she wants

With age, women understand themselves better. They understand their emotions, their bodies and what they want better. They have had plenty of time to figure out what's most important to her.

She knows what, how and when she wants something. She has no time for games, if she's interested in some bedroom play and you are her lucky pick, it's on for sure. She does not second guess herself. She will tell you, clearly, what she wants in the bedroom, how she’s going to get it. There's nothing sexier than a woman who is confident and fearless. 

2. She's sexy 

This is a woman who knows her body, her desires and when she fancies to try out a fantasy, she's serious about it. Sexiness isn't defined by the body alone. Sexiness comes with age. Older women know how to be sexier. Celebrities who prove older women are sexy as hell are; Sharon Stone, Kelly Preston, Kathy Ireland, Nigella Lawson, Elle MacPherson, Vanessa Williams, Michelle Pfeiffer, Elizabeth Hurley and the list goes on. 

3. She's confident in herself and who she is

Older women are not hangup on body issues, they understand that their flaws are just signs of a life well-lived.  Jane Fonda, once said: "It’s impossible to be truly intimate with someone if you don’t like yourself.” Words well spoken. 

At certain age you come to appreciate your body and sexual appeal. You're sexually confident with what you like, and open to experiment with fantasies without hangups. 

4. She knows what she wants in bed and will ask for it 

They've not only lost their inhibitions, they feel freed from the awkward sexual encounters of their youth. Older women like sex because it's not only about fulfilling their partner, it's about their own fulfilment and during their lovemaking they do not stress about how their body looks. They focus on the experience and the sensation along the way. They focus on their sexual urges and desires. 

5. She's experienced

Experience in the field of work is important, as it is in your sex life too. Older women know what turns them on, what and how they like to be pleasured. Most important they are not shy in asking what they like. They have tried a few things out and they can teach a younger partner a thing or two. What else can a young man ask for?

6. She's independent

She knows the importance of not losing yourself in the other person. Instead, it's better to love each other while giving each other the room to grow and flourish. Younger women and men get so possessive of each other unwittingly suffocating their chance to grow as individuals and as a couple together.

Older women wants you, but she doesn't need you.

7. She's truly free to be herself

She seeks out relationships for no other reason other than pleasure. She is not worried about commitment/marriage, kids and stability, she has been through all of these and they are not a priority to her any longer. She has all her attention to fulfilling her fantasies, her desires and indulging in her pleasures, to have fun with you.

8. She wants make you a better lover for her and your future lovers

She will make you a better man. She will teach you that women are exquisite creatures who are so much more than their visual bodies. They have desires and sexual cravings, that once divulged can make your life a hell of a ride. They will teach you to become the best lovers, to listen and to pay attention to your woman's bodies and minds. Your sex life with her will be unforgettable but the lessons you take from her will be forever. 

Guys there are so many sexy older women on RHP, ask them out before someone else beats you to it.

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Christina Miller
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Writing interesting pieces about sex, the lifestyle and the different aspects of human sexuality is a challenge that Christina will endeavour to take. When she’s not blogging, she loves to exercise, watch movies and go to the beach whenever she can.

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Posted: Aug, 16 2017
Some of my best experiences have been with older women. They are so hot and sexy in so many ways. Hit me up anytime
Posted: May, 04 2017
Love older ladies they're great fun and love getting f@#ked hard hmu older ladies
Posted: May, 01 2017
Nothing beats a milf :) yum
Posted: May, 01 2017
Made not born lol
Posted: May, 01 2017
I wouldn't know what to do with a 20 something-year-old but give me her mother and I'll make her eyes water!!! Some young ones, in my opinion, don't let themselves get off in the moment where older milfs do. I love pleasing older women cause it gives me a sense of knowledge of love making. Good lovers are born not made!!! I'm a giver so I get off watching you get off on what I'm doing to you!! Older women have had so many dicks or guys coming too quickly and with years of not getting fucked/ made love to properly!! There's a slight frustration builds up... so my point is when an older woman is in the mood and you make love to her the way she wants it!! She lets her body take over in the moment and enjoys it no hang ups. The feeling you get from satisfying an older horny women is completely different to satisfying a young one
Posted: Apr, 27 2017
They know what they want. They don't play games or get all flakey on you. Experienced, direct, and ever so sexy.
Posted: Apr, 26 2017
Growing up my mates checked out ladies our own age..I was always more interested in their mums
Nothing better than an attractive classy mature woman...
Posted: Apr, 26 2017
So true, preference for them to take the lead. They set the plan and its best to play along..
Posted: Apr, 25 2017
No one is born sexually competent. Both genders start out as novices and either develop limited skills learning from each other ... or experienced older ladies will accelerate progress so one's partner comments .."That WAS NICE !! Where did U learn that ??" ...
Only possible answer being ... "Read it in a book" ... LOL :-)
Posted: Apr, 25 2017
They are beautiful, sexy, mature, experienced. I love, love woman older than me. ;-)
Posted: Apr, 24 2017
I like older women because they seem to have common sense and very relaxed
Posted: Apr, 21 2017
I'm happy with both
Posted: Apr, 20 2017
ain't that the truth. hit me up and find out for yourself.
Posted: Apr, 20 2017
older women are just devine!
Posted: Apr, 20 2017
I'd rather a guy mid 50's..he's in his prime now and understand the world doesn't revolve around a hard penis and the foreplay is long, intense, sensuous and amazing..
Posted: Apr, 20 2017
Posted: Apr, 20 2017
All too true
Posted: Apr, 20 2017
So true, my lovely lady is enjoying the best sex of her life and not just with me, lol, becoming more liberated as we mature, go girls
Posted: Apr, 20 2017
If they young enough to walk and up...
Posted: Apr, 20 2017
If they you g enought to walk and jump...
Posted: Apr, 20 2017
How do I meet these ladies?
Posted: Apr, 19 2017
I've always likes older women but they seem to forget about us older men.
Posted: Apr, 19 2017
Posted: Apr, 19 2017
Can't argue with any of that!
Posted: Apr, 19 2017
Couldn't agree more, they Fuck and they suck and know what they want..... Milf's take the cake
Posted: Apr, 19 2017
Absolutely agree ...It just gets better.
Posted: Apr, 19 2017
Amen!! Preaching to converted here.....a couple of mature gems I met in my early to mid 20's taught me some very valuable lessons
Posted: Apr, 19 2017
love this article speaking as an older woman yes we know exactly what we want in and out of the bedroom and never cease to amaze ourselves we all that we have learnt from life experiences
Posted: Apr, 19 2017
True story indeed! Can always make time for an older women.
Posted: Apr, 19 2017
not too many women here older than me tho. The older I get the premier women become. Yes love them all.
Posted: Apr, 19 2017
This article is spot on
Posted: Apr, 19 2017
They definitely are! Every point in this article is on the money, sure the younger ones may have energy to burn but experience and the rest trumps it everyday of the week!
Posted: Apr, 19 2017
Please look/read our profile & feel free to contact & be "blown" away .
Posted: Apr, 19 2017
Love the article, so very true
Posted: Apr, 19 2017
Just pure heaven
Posted: Apr, 19 2017
So true.
Posted: Apr, 19 2017
I enjoyed reading this article. :)
Posted: Apr, 19 2017
Totally agree, always the naughtiest fun!
Posted: Apr, 19 2017
This where the fun at boys 😜😜
Posted: Apr, 19 2017
Haha I have to agree ;)
Posted: Apr, 19 2017
💜 Oh yes - spread the message far and wide 💜
Posted: Apr, 19 2017
very true , come and get some x
Posted: Apr, 19 2017
True in most cases... we'd hope! 😄
Posted: Apr, 19 2017
This is so true. Confidence is such a turn on.
Posted: Apr, 19 2017
This is defenately so true and my way of thinking

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