Like rough sex? 4 tips to get you started

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Rough sex it's more common than you think. People have been having rough sex since the dawn of time....

Women are into sex a lot more than men realize. And they don’t just want polite, demure hotel sex.

Heck, some women sometimes want something different. Secretly, many women want ....

                                        Rough sex

Rough sex or forceful sex, has been around since the dawn of time and it’s a definite game-changer. At the right time, with the right partner, it can be a lot of fun.

Rough sex is intense, passionate and a complete relinquish and acceptance of someone's powerful desire over you. This type of sex, is a incredible mental experience that is unequal to ordinary sex.

Experts say there are valid psychological explanations for our love of spanking, hair pulling, pushing round, manhandling and for some women this is a real turn-on.

How is rough sex a turn on?

Think back on the occasions you were bitten, scratched, or spanked, your blood pressure goes up and your heart races in response to that pain. If these happen during sex, say you are being spanked; you interpret it as sexual excitement.

As it turns out the pleasure and pain areas in our brain overlap. This overlap tricks your brain and causes it to confuse pain and pleasure when you’re experiencing them at the same time. Explaining why rough sex can be a real turn on.

If this sounds interesting, then this is probably something for you. Before getting down discuss your limits and boundaries and have a 'safe word' to stop anytime you feel in doubt or need a break.

Here are four ways to try rough sex. Start slow or go all out, entirely up to you but have fun with it.


Start with a medium spank and work up to a harder spank if you enjoy it. Spank with an open palm on the fleshier, lower part of her ass closest to her vagina. It sends vibrations through her clitoris and her whole body that lights a sexual fire.

Don’t be afraid to spank him, too. You might be surprised how much he likes it.


Some women like having their hair pulled during sex. Just be sure he grabs your hair near the scalp, grabbing your hair by the ends is often too painful to be pleasurable. Reverse it on him when he is pleasuring you, it's a great way to tell him how hard and where you want him.


Biting is raw and sensual. But if sensual biting is new terrain for you, start with the nape of the neck. The secret to keeping real pain out of the sensual biting equation is to keep it quick. But for those who like a little bit of pain in the mix go a bit harder for a bit longer. Ensure you find out beforehand where you partner likes to be bitten.


Being picked up, thrown over a man’s shoulder, and tossed on a bed can bring out the primal side in a man. Simply push her against the wall can do the trick too.

Sometimes, it's nice not be in charge. It's a form of just switching off the thinking side of sex and simply experiencing the pleasure. Sex is about losing inhibitions and surrendering, and sometimes it's easiest to surrender when somebody is totally pushing you around.

If you want to experience crazy sex - where you going to have sex all over the place complete with hair pulling and ass slapping - it's only going to happen if you specifically ask.

Is rough sex a turn on for you? Share your thoughts with us...

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Christina Miller
203 articles

Writing interesting pieces about sex, the lifestyle and the different aspects of human sexuality is a challenge that Christina will endeavour to take. When she’s not blogging, she loves to exercise, watch movies and go to the beach whenever she can.

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Posted: May, 13 2017
Posted: Apr, 18 2017
Too funny agreement.
Posted: Apr, 17 2017
Yes we can like it rough, I know I do. But if I see one more porn flick with a guy smacking a chicks arse as if he were galloping a horse at the Melbourne Cup, I'm going to vomit after my hundredth eye roll.
Posted: Apr, 15 2017
Trust is all you need to play rough in the bedroom!
It's s big turn on for me
Posted: Apr, 10 2017
"Warning Warning" Sequential incongruity. Gents please do avoid gals that need to get drunk to have fun (unable to consent), gals on antidepressant or anxiety meds (unable to consent) and gals that do the no no no yes, YES, O GOD YES pattern of behaviour. These girls have a great capacity to FLIP. IE as soon as a relationship or interaction becomes something other than whats in their head, they turn around and blame......the result is: gents are presumed guilty and have to proove otherwise. A woman has to be very god damd mature for me to go there on this one. Women and their capacity to get talk each other into some very screwed up points of view is at the level of pestilence in Australia, and is like a STD that the legal profession and Government have caught that they cannot get rid of.
Posted: Apr, 09 2017
For me it comes down to 3 things: trust, trust and... trust!
I want to know the woman's boundaries so I can enact the full Dom role, but within her laid out limits. Of course all boundaries are there to be encroached, if not pushed a little, but I aim the keep the whole experience intense, unpredictable and memorable.... for all the right reasons!
Anticipation of what MIGHT happen, can be stronger than the actual act.... playing with a woman's mind is a wonderfully erotic for both, as long as it's done correctly.
Gently bringing an exhausted quivering body back into reality is in itself equisitively exhilarating.....
Posted: Apr, 09 2017
LaFemme... nailed it!
Posted: Apr, 09 2017
Slow & sensual with a lover that I'm totally into is amazing, rolling around in the bed feeling every bit of their warmth & trembling body mmm, then there is this adrenalin rush, the desire to be pinned against the wall, thrusted hard, kissing each other uncontrollably, until I feel the warmth of my squirt down my legs & splash the wall (Mrs F) 😈
Posted: Apr, 09 2017
It's the combination of sensuality and dominance, that exquisite fine line that is everything about the energy between lovers. A man who can feel when to switch from sensuality to primal alpha - takes your breath away. Then there's somedays you just need someone to walk in the door, push you up against the wall and take you. Give me a selfish lover who'll take what they want from me without asking, anyway.
Posted: Apr, 06 2017
Yes, yes & ohhh yessss
Posted: Apr, 06 2017
Definitely like it rough. I also love having my hair in a pony tail so MrT can give it a good pull when he's taking me from behind.
Posted: Apr, 05 2017
rough sensual and a little kinky, always like something a little different otherwise the bedroom becomes very boring it doesn't always have to be the man either in control as a woman i like to take control myself in the bedroom it adds a bit of flavour
Posted: Apr, 05 2017
Personally I like to give it a little on the rough side.. once I see they Re liking it I turn into primal animal. Very important not to cross any lines tho. Doesn't hurt to ask (pardon the pun)

Nothing better then giving a spanking and your leave your personal brand on there bueatiful looking bottom..

Just remember aftercare is important!
Posted: Apr, 05 2017
Rough and passionate is so good and excite y
Posted: Apr, 05 2017
Once you have trust... in both directions... there is nothing better that hard and fast... and yes rough.

... OH... unless you are in Tuscany in summer with a great bottle of Sangiovese... then it will likely be long, slow and languid... at first.
Posted: Apr, 05 2017
I don't like to admit that I like rough sex.. As it never turns out, how I imagined. Intense and passionate seems to go out the window with the focus on "hurting her so good" There can be a fine line between ferocious, raw rough and lustful... And then there's disrespectful rough and unpleasant. So I don't give preconceived ideas of what I'm into. Go with the flow and if they nail my kinda rough; bonus!
Posted: Apr, 05 2017
I love this blog, nothing more sexy than a man being dominant and being rough. Such a turn on
Posted: Apr, 05 2017
Love all types of sex, but rough at the right time.....DAMN
Posted: Apr, 04 2017
Love it all, the rougher the better....spanking, whipping, tit squeezing, hair pulling & throat grabbing mmmm yum.
Posted: Apr, 04 2017
Ohhhhh yerrrrr
Posted: Apr, 04 2017
Yes Please
Posted: Apr, 04 2017
love erotic, sensual sex, but HARD and ROUGH I think is the best.
Posted: Apr, 04 2017
I love getting fucked hard and rough while being called a little slut .
Posted: Apr, 04 2017
It's a must if u have trust in your partner it will be exciting and very pleasing 😈👍🏻🌹

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