How to give great head

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It’s about bringing out the porn star in you!...

Here's a fact as old as time - Men love blowjobs.

Even if you are pretty good at giving head, there's always something you can do to get better at it.

Want to give a blowjob that will make your guy’s toes curl in ecstasy?

Oral sex comes naturally for exactly no one.

So it’s great to get a chance to hear about some tips and tricks to make your bj skills awesome. A great bj is a combination of a lot of things and not being afraid to improvise.

Make your blowjob unforgettable with these tips and tricks.

Tips & tricks


Just as with actual intercourse, some positions are just better for a blowjob than others. Let him lie down , or stand or sit down and then there’s 69, whatever the choice make sure you get comfortable, use a pillow under your knees if you’re going to be kneeling.

 Lick It

BJ are not a rushed thing so take your time, lick and taste the tip of his penis while you still have your lingerie on to signal that you are focused on him and his pleasure.

 Work on his balls

Most guys like their balls being cupped during a bj. Balls are very sensitive so be gentle. Use your tongue to play with his balls, lick them and suck them gently.

While you’re in there try this; lick his rough patch of skin (perineum) located just behind the balls this is a pretty sensitive area and most guys love it to be stimulated but are too shy to ask for it.

Use your tongue

Your tongue is a weapon of mass destruction – use it on the head, on the shaft, on the balls and run it along the length of his manhood and you’re guaranteed to drive him crazy with pleasure.

Use the twister – make slow circular motion with your tongue around the top of his penis. Alternate direction and speed to add some variety

Use slip and slide - by taking him into your mouth and pressing/rubbing the tip of his penis against the inside of your cheek and tongue.

Deep throat

Yep, some can take cock all the way to the tonsils, but if you have a sensitive gag reflex here’s a tip give it a shot.

The easiest way to deep-throat is on your knees, so relax and use your hands for better control. Put your tongue out as much as you can to make more space in there and hold his penis as long as you can and slowly bring it out.  Getting good at this comes with practice and your gag reflex won’t be as sensitive compared to when you started.

Why is deep throat so good for him?

The slight spasming of your throat (thanks to your gag reflex) will make it more enjoyable and stimulating for your man, along with the fact that the rest of your mouth and tongue will be stimulating the shaft of his dick.

 Use flavour

Use edible lube to  make it both pleasant to your bud-tastes and to provide the gliding and moist down there for him. Then go to town with your mouth and tongue.

Change things up and use ice cubes or ice cream to keep him on his toes. Use whipped cream, chocolate sauce or some minty lollies that add flavour to your mouth and it might drown out the taste of his cum when he ejaculates.

Eye contact

Maintaining eye contact is sexy, you can watch him melt with pleasure in your mouth and he can watch you enjoy it.

 Spit, swallow or .....

This will depend on your mood and whether you really want to knock his socks off. Men like it when you swallow because it makes them feel more dominant, connected and satisfied.  But if you are not up to it, do the next best thing and have him blow in your tits or face.

..... Have a bukkake

This is pro-level stuff and when you feel like letting your inner-slut shine, heck girl let no man stop you.

This is your chance to showcase the porn star in you, but it will be an evening to remember.

The key to great head is to be open minded and willing to experiment. And then there's practice. Giving great head will bring his mind to meltdown mode like a power plant.

If you'd like to explore your oral sex skills, then we have the perfect opportunity for you.
Our Secret spot club in Sydney is having a Oral sex themed party on Friday 31rst March.

Are there any amazing bj tips that you’d like to share with us?

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Christina Miller
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Writing interesting pieces about sex, the lifestyle and the different aspects of human sexuality is a challenge that Christina will endeavour to take. When she’s not blogging, she loves to exercise, watch movies and go to the beach whenever she can.

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Posted: Apr, 20 2017
Nothing more satisfying than deep throat and Cumming in a lady mouth. Good to see the author realizes our balls and perineum are pleasure zones as well. Rock on Blow Jobs!!
Posted: Apr, 09 2017
How to give great head? Only do it if you truly get off on it! Same for guys giving head to girls! It's so much better when you have someone who truly enjoys what they're doing, rather than someone who is basically sholding the tip of your cock in their mouth while giving a substandard handie! But if a guy really wants a woman to give him a great bj, he should make sure that he is paying just as much attention to her.
Posted: Apr, 05 2017
DianaCheeky you sound totally delicious
Posted: Apr, 03 2017
I really get turned on by deep throat action something about the fact of making her gag and the saliva it builds up getting the cock really wet and slippery just drives me to orgasmic bliss.
Posted: Mar, 28 2017
I absolutely love to have my cock sucked off as much as intercourse - having below my balls played with does add a lot of pleasure and intensity
Posted: Mar, 26 2017
Let him teabag your mouth with his hard cock dipping it deep down into the back of your throat. He can still finger and lick you or put a toy in your pussy from that position if that is what you both want. Wow well I'm horny typing all that I hope it helps. Xx
Posted: Mar, 26 2017
I can sometimes get a strange sensation in my pussy when we feel the hump because it is just so stimulating and the guy usually yells out. It is very invigorating when that happens. I am happy to swallow his cum if he treats me with respect and asks if it is ok. Always check with the guy if he wants you to keep sucking it while he cums or stay still and wait. He can become extremely sensitive so you don't want to risk hurting him. I'm happy to clean him up afterwards if that is what he wants either with my tongue or a soft cloth. The other thing that makes headjobs exciting, refreshing and fun is the use of ice cubes especially on your mouth. They feel fantastic on your pussy too with a nice warm tongue to bring her back to life after you have been made numb. Most importantly remember to have a bit of a laugh and go with the flow. One last thing there is no better way to really deep throat a big cock than to lie on your back with your head hanging over the side. Cont....
Posted: Mar, 26 2017
I do cup his balls as much as I can. Sometimes I want him slighting or just hold him at the base and apply pressure. Then I slide my mouth over the top and down towards the base. Slowly at first. I twirl my tongue around on the inside as if I am kissing his cock. That is my secret to enjoying sucking is that kissing us the best thing in the world. I suck loosely and then tighten up and I actually become a vacuum. I will then start from the tip sucking so hard that he starts climbing backwards and moaning then I suck downwards one inch at a time like a vacuum. They love it. All the way to the base. Usually my throat has warmed up by now and I can deep throat. Depending on the length and girth of his cock. I will keep trying until I get it down the back of my throat. I want both of us to feel the hump as it slides right over the back of my tongue and into my throat. I have no chance of breathing at this point so I won't last too long but, I will suckle on it while it is in deep. Cont...
Posted: Mar, 26 2017
My favourite position us for the man to be lying on his back in the middle of the bed. I can either be at the side of him so he can still finger me or use a toy on me if he wants. I would start by twirling my tongue around the tip and tasting him then sliding my tongue down his shaft and licking and sucking on his balls. Then slide my tongue back up and flick my tongue over his knob. I make sure I also flick my tongue over the frenulum the little triangle elastic band at the base of the knob because it is sensitive. I suck that area and kiss it too. I like to do heaps of kissing of his cock as well as licking and sucking. I will nibble on the knob scraping my teeth gently over it. I always add variety. I enjoy grabbing his cock at the base and slapping it against my tongue, lips and face really hard and fast it makes a fantastic wet slapping noise so it is very stimulating for both parties. I make sure I moan heaps too. Do heaps of breathing on their cock they love the hot air. Cont..
Posted: Mar, 26 2017
Most women focus on stimulating the head but forget about the shaft and balls. I love attention to my shaft, licking it all the way from balls to tip.
Something else I love is when a woman sticks her tongue out nice and wide and lets me wack my cock on her tongue and rub all around her face. They always seem to love this too 😝
Posted: Mar, 26 2017
Also when going down turn your head left and right slowly. Drives guys nuts! Just below the head, underneath(push it to his belly) flick your tongue!
Gag reflex also produces a VERY slippery saliva, so it's an awesome natural lube.
Go with the shape of cock when deep throating. (Don't go left at right curved road when driving do we!)
Most of all, relax, enjoy and experiment! Watch him stroking himself, does he work the tip or the whole shaft? Do the same. Or just ask. Guys like that you're comfortable enough and want to do it.
That's my tried an true methods and I've been told I give amazing head.
Posted: Mar, 24 2017
"Men like it when you swallow because it makes them feel more dominant" No wonder I spit! NO man is dominant to me! No way in HELL I'm letting them cum on my face... But other wise the article had a couple of interesting tips.
Posted: Mar, 24 2017
I asked the first woman that deepthroated me how she took my full 7.5"
Practice makes perfect she said..I take it in till about to gag...relax,breath in thru nose,close eyes n imagine Im yawning,opening back of my throat...then slowly push down...slowly till I fel the knob go right down..THEN JUST HOLD STILL..not up n down and squeezen release my throat round the knob as I finger your arsehole n squeeze your balls.....
She would stay there for 10-20- mins gorging till I had a ball blowing orgasm. She loved the feel of hot spunk blowing strait into her belly she said
What a woman...hope this helps some ladies..
Posted: Mar, 23 2017
I wanna try all the tips for deepthroating my partner will be surprised went he fly back for RNR

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