Getting it on in the great outdoors

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Why limit your sex life to the bedroom? There are a lot of sneaky public places you could be getting it...

Life is too short to limit your sex life to just within your bedroom walls.

Sometimes people get so wound up; they get caught in the moment of passion and get it on in public. Why not!

Sex is meant to be impulsive, in the moment and lustful.... so whether it hits you in the car, at the beach or on top of a roof, public sex rocks.

Part of what makes public sex alluring is that you have to be fast, quiet, sneaky and it gives you a huge adrenaline rush. Get some handy tips on how to take your car sex to a new level

Are you a risk taker? The idea of getting caught excites you?

Here are a few different ways you can do it.

Ease your way into it

OK, so this isn’t quite public sex, but you can be creative. You can pretend that your reflections are actually other people watching and imitating you. Plus, the thrill of watching yourselves can be just as alluring as having strangers watch you You don’t have to go all out right away. Another way is to kiss passionately in public, fondle over the clothes and see if the prospect of getting caught turns you on.

Take some risks

A great way to tap on it is to initiate sex ten minutes before dinner party guests are due to arrive. The sense of rush will reiterate the same feeling you have when you're out romping in public.

Make your house open

Open a door, or draw the curtains open to get a taste of public sex without the risk. Press your bodies hard against the window, or bend over the window as you pound away in ecstasy while all along you hide everything going on below the waist.

Balconies or big windows can be fun

Use your balcony, or your backyard late at night as your first ‘real’ public sex. Or have a date night in one of your favourite hotels and draw those curtains open while you press your bodies up against the large window for any unsuspecting spectators to watch. Orgasm with a view? Don't mind if we do!

Bathroom sex

Now that you've rehearsed and are itching to take it up a nudge, the world is your oyster. Use the bathroom at one of the parties you're going to, just be quick about it, and rejoin the festivities.

Office sex

The office is another thrilling place to get hot and bothered. Find a hidden spot like the files room or the printer room and go for it.

Sex on the beach

It's a warm night and the beach seems deserted, you are both feeling horny so you go for it. It'll be one of your best memories.

Bus/Train sex

You're taking the train/bus home and you decide to do the dirty fast, quiet and sneaky, so you sit on your partner's lap and just let yourself enjoy the moment .If you want to try this fantasy, there are even full blown sex parties on a party bus - The Lust Bus (ses also Lust boat parties).

To fuel your imaginations, leave you to watch this music video of Ariana Grande's new single Everyday, which showcases couples going at it in public.

Last tip, one that might come in handy case thing go pear shape, have an excuse ready. Let your inner actor shine, or lie through your teeth.

Public sex might be sexy and exhilarating but use common sense. Make it fun and do not get caught.

Enjoy outdoor fun while there's still nice weather.

Good luck, have fun and stay safe!

Have you tried public sex? What is your secret to pulling it off like a champ?

Author's Corner

Christina Miller
203 articles

Writing interesting pieces about sex, the lifestyle and the different aspects of human sexuality is a challenge that Christina will endeavour to take. When she’s not blogging, she loves to exercise, watch movies and go to the beach whenever she can.

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Posted: Apr, 28 2017
Did it on a train with five other people in the carriage, on nude beach and in a car plenty of times. Nude beach in a quiet corner in the middle of summer had to of been the best.
Posted: Mar, 18 2017
Where R U?
Posted: Mar, 18 2017
What U after?
Posted: Mar, 12 2017
Luv it in the outdoors !
Have done Birdie Beach , Cobblers Beach, the rocks at Birchgrove , on the bonnet in a carpark meme round times ....the thought of being seen / caught out adds so much to the moment . Nothing better !!
Posted: Mar, 11 2017
I just Need to find someone to do this with 😏
Posted: Mar, 11 2017
Five hours bush walking up a mountain gives a great view and thins out the onlookers.
Posted: Mar, 11 2017
anywhere is the go myself i l had the best experience ever was in a car getting into different positions it was just hot and steamy sex never forget that nite it was the first time i had ever squirted and boy did i squirt
Posted: Mar, 10 2017
I love sex on the beach...done that a couple of times thanks to a bloke i meet on here xxx
Posted: Mar, 10 2017
Thrilling. Even more so when thinking about the prospect of getting a criminal record and being put on the sex offenders list.
Posted: Mar, 10 2017
Love the beach or pool, leaving her sexy bikini on pulling it to the side.
Posted: Mar, 10 2017
We love sex outside. Beach, car anywhere it is existing xxx mam and Paul
Posted: Mar, 10 2017
Love it in the bushes at secluded beaches. We have a great portfolio of photos from balcony sex, it's just the best! 🔥
Posted: Mar, 10 2017
We love sex outdoors, especially bush or beaches with a view. Anyone keen to join us?
Posted: Mar, 10 2017
Love the nature in the Forrest, birds whistling wind through the trees just makes the perfect scene with a little moaning of pleasure to go along with the noises:)

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