Couple Caught Having Sex in Dominos

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A COUPLE caught romping on CCTV in Domino’s after ordering a stuffed crust pizza boasted last night: “We love...

A COUPLE caught romping on CCTV in Domino’s after ordering a stuffed crust pizza boasted last night: “We love having sex in weird places.”

Daniella Hirst, 28, and Craig Smith, 31, were waiting for a 12-inch pepperoni when they “got a bit carried away”.

A 40-second clip sees Daniella performing a sex act on Craig while staff prepare their food. 

She then leans over the counter while Craig pulls down her knickers and thrusts away from behind just feet from oblivious workers.

The footage has since gone viral but Daniella said anyone criticising them was “f***ing boring”.

“But obviously I never thought we’d get caught like this and end up all over the internet.” 

Smirking builder Craig, 31, said: “After ordering the pizza we talked about all the places we’d had sex with each other.

“Our top five include a bus, a van, a hotel, swimming pool and a field. We wanted to see if we could top it.

“We got a bit frisky and one thing led to another. Domino’s is definitely now our number one - going to be hard to top it.”

The couple had spent the weekend drinking in Leeds celebrating Craig’s birthday when they got the train to Scarborough on Saturday evening. 

The pair, from Bridlington, East Yorks, booked into a local pub but felt peckish so headed across the road to Domino's.

Daniella added: “We laughed as we walked home. We’ve done it all over the place but never anywhere that risky — never with people that close before.

“We got back to the hotel and continued where we left off.

“We woke up the next morning and our friends told us about the CCTV- we just laughed about it going viral. 

“That’s just the type of thing that happens to us.”

The couple, who started dating three-and-a-half months ago after meeting in the pub where Daniella works, say they won’t stop.


Daniella added: “Everybody we know has had sex in risky places. It’s just one of them things that people do.

“Unfortunately for us it ended up on the internet.

“We’re open minded. We won’t do it in Domino's again. Maybe Pizza Hut.

“So long as you’re not hurting anyone else I don’t see what the problem is. 

“You can’t please everyone — but at least Craig is happy.”

The couple refused to blame the Dominos staff member who posted the CCTV on Twitter and said they would have done the same.

But they now fear arrest from the cops for public indecency. Pals have supported them on Facebook but their family remain tight-lipped.

The pair plan to celebrate Craig’s 31st birthday. Craig added: “We’re going for an Indian.”

Daniella advised critics online: “Rule number 1, never waste ya boyfriend’s b***r and always opt for stuffed crust.”

Asked about the incident, a spokesperson for the Domino's shop said: “We can’t comment on something like that — it’s a no comment from us.”


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Posted: Mar, 06 2017
And if it's not delivered in 10 minutes.......we are using the whole counter lol,
Posted: Mar, 04 2017
I like the no comment from Dominos. They know the customer is always right lol
Posted: Mar, 03 2017
Let's duck tonight
Posted: Mar, 03 2017
Hey it's gas what's doing
Posted: Mar, 02 2017
Definitely not the worst behaviour I've seen from customers during my years working in a pizza store, by a longshot. Like they say: "Make love, not war."
Posted: Mar, 02 2017
Our kind of people ha ha!
Posted: Mar, 02 2017

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