2016 - The RedHotPie Review

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2016 - what a ride it's been! Yes, a few beloved celebs left us, but in regards to sexy fun and adult-esque...

2016 - what a ride it's been! Yes, a few beloved celebs left us, but in regards to sexy fun and adult-esque adventures, 2016 proved to be an absolute ripper. From unforgettable RedHotPie parties & events, to wild new sex toys, to the rise of sex robots (yes, that's right... sex robots,) 2016 has been one of the sexiest years on record.

So pull up a seat, because we’re about to recap ten of the biggest events in sexuality and sexiness from the last twelve months. Enjoy!



In 2016, RedHotPie partnered with one of the planet's premiere swing brands, Lifestyle Luxury Vacations for a massive Ibiza bash. That's right, LLV took over the hottest party destination in the world, turning into a lifestyle wonderland! Make sure you check them out, because 2017 will be just as indulgent.

Passion in Paradise

It’s been the biggest event on the adult party scene in Australia for years, but 2016 saw Passion in Paradise go to another level; four nights and four massive parties at a tropical resort take-over. What can we say? If you want to go away to play, Passion in Paradise is it.

Naughty in Nawlins



RedHotPie has always been a staunch supporter of sexual diversity, and in keeping with this proud tradition, 2016 saw us partnering with RedHeaven & Housewives on Fire in the GAY.ME OF THRONES float for the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade. It was of course one of the sexiest floats in the parade!


Sex science brought a strong game in 2016, enlightening us on a range of subjects. For example, we now understand what age women have the best sex of their lives and how long sex lasts for on average - a mere 5.4 minutes of sheer bliss. We also discovered why women can make so much noise during sex! The reasons ranged from boosting their partner's confidence to an urge to hasten proceedings to the simple awesome pleasure of sex!


It may or may not be up your alley (pardon the pun,) but pegging got a lot of interest in 2016. It was a hot topic here on RedHotPie and around the world, with men everywhere finding a new way to experience pleasure. Want to know more about pegging? Read our featured article - Pegging: what the heck is it?

Staying on butt-centric trends, the booty craze continued throughout 2016 with women around the world squatting like crazy in the quest for the perfect booty. Wanna get on the trunk-junk train? Check out Tammy Hembrow’s Build a Booty program.  


2016 was just a cracking year to have a vagina. For so long, mainstream pop-culture has ignored one of the greatest design triumphs in the known universe, the vagina, but in 2016, things started to change for the better.

We’ve learned about the wonderful healing magic of Yoni massage, helping women find their sexual freedom and understand their sexual energy. We also learned about Orgasmic meditation (OM) practitioners who hold group masturbation classes to teach women how to climax and ultimately to improve their sex lives and achieve better orgasms.

The fashion industry rode the wave, with fashion designers giving the world skirt slits never seen in the history of mankind. Here is one of 2016's best ‘clea-vadge’ moments from Australia's own, Iggy Azalea:

The toy industry also got on board with the Womanizer clit stimulator taking the world by storm. New ground is rarely broken in the world of sex toys these days, but the Womanizer has tongues waggin', around the planet, and has established itself as the must-have item going into the new year.


The past 12 months bestowed upon us so many new and increasingly strange sex robot concepts that it’s safe to assume 2017 is going to be full of even weirder ones.

One of the strangest sex robot inventions of 2016 was, without a doubt, the $10,000 fully customisable Japanese sex dolls, with a titanium skeleton and bendy limbs. The Human sexual landscape is changing fast.


Sex and music go together like peanut butter and jelly – or whips and chains if you prefer. As always, sex was right at home in popular music in 2016, and we've gathered a few of the raunchiest cuts from the last twelve months... check it:


This is a slinky jam featuring Rihanna wanting her man to prove his worth through submissive sex.

It doesn’t get much more explicit than singing about riding a “dick bicycle”. This may be one of the most memorable lines of the year.


This infectious mega-hit wormed its way into the ears of moms, dads, single ladies, MILFs, DILFs, unicorns, tweens and Bernie bros everywhere. “You ain’t gotta go to work / let my body do the work,” is a pretty clear and precise guide to better relations.


The Opening of Swiss blowjob café

Probably the most mind-boggling weird sex news of the year was that of the Fellatio Cafe, a coffee shop opening in Geneva, Switzerland, where you can get a hot, delicious cup of coffee, with a side of hot, delicious blowjob.

Europe declares public masturbation legal

Europe has been known to be more sexually progressive than the rest of the world, with things like nudity on public beaches and the swinging lifestyle being quite commonly accepted. Now, both Sweden
and Italy have loosened the rules around showcasing one’s spaghetti and meatballs in public. Apparently as long as your not directing the act at someone, public masturbation is all good. Have at it!


Edging is a sex technique that you can and should start using in bed. Build your partner up to orgasm and then stop right before the moment of climax, then start again. By cycling between building and relaxation, the final orgasm will feel like an earth shaking explosion of bliss. Take it to the edge … EDGING, for the ultimate Orgasm

Another sex technique that exploded somewhat unexpectedly was anilingus, or rimming, now known more colloquially as “eating ass.” Want to know more about the art of butt eating, salad tossing or rimming read our article about it.


Group sex has traditionally been something of a taboo, but in 2016 alternatives to the norm really came to the fore, whether it's an orgy or three or four-way, swinging or polyamory, people are admitting that one person may not completely fulfil your sexual desires. With sexual norms loosening and open relationships becoming very popular, the mainstream is realising how freeing and thrilling it is to experiment sexually with more than one person.

2016, ladies and gents.

Why don't you share some of your own sexy highlights from the past year; we'd love to hear 'em! Hit us up in the comments section below.

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