10 Top things to do this Valentine & Ace it.

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On Valentine's Day indulge in some time together or alone, celebrating the most romantic day of the year....
Well, gentlemen, Valentine's Day is upon us once again, which means it's time to get the woman in your life a thoughtful gift that's so perfect, she'll look up to the heavens and Cupid for blessing her with a man who really knows how to please.

This Valentine's day step it up a notch and really blow her mind away. Obviously, this means no useless fluffy teddy bears or anything that's meaningless and half-assed - unless you don't want to get laid. We're grown-ass adults with some vivid imagination, so let's go all out.

Let's lubricate that juicy imagination of yours, because our busy lives suck, but we're here to help.

1. Do something kinky

Kinky is in, admit it we all have a little bit of a freak we like to let out once in a while. 
Valentine's Day is just the day for it. Take her to watch 50 Shades of Grey and then romantically cuff her and lead her to the 'red room' for a little sweet pain. Depending on your kinky nature and level make all your kinky fantasies come true. Valentine's Day will definitely take a new meaning there onwards. The world is getting kinkier every day and it's great to see so many people these days being as kinky as they want to be.

2. Take her to a new destination

Weekend in Sydney - CUPID'S PARADISE, Valentine's party

Travel is the best aphrodisiac. Can't think what and where to go?

We got one Valentine's destinations that's the talk this V-Day. RedHeaven Events is Sydney's best kept secret and it's time to share the wonderful job they do in providing the best parties for the lifestylers.

This Valentine's take your lady or FWB or your lustful Valentine to CUPID'S PARADISE- Valentine's party at the Ivy Complex, the ultimate poolside luxury complex in Sydney.

This is sure to seal the deal. 

3. Single? Not a good enough excuse to miss out on V-Day

Feisty singles will sure AF have a blast this V-Day
. Being single on Valentine's isn't a reason to not celebrate. Who says V-Day is for couples? Open your eyes and dig yourself out of that hole. V-Day is for those with imagination. Whether you want to play it solo or get that DateFinder magic to work for you, plan it from now.

If you want to go solo, get a nice bottle of wine, some lube, sex-toys, great porn and pamper yourself all night long. You'll wake up next morning on top of the world.

And if you are lucky, find another single (or couple looking for + one in their boudoir) on DateFinder, who wants to feel all the loving sexual pleasure one should on V-day and spend it with you.

4. Book a hotel room

Invest your money on what counts. Useless teddy bears will not get you laid but a suite with a spa and a balcony will. These are the ingredients for a night of lust and sex. Want a threesome, girl on girl action or a foursome? Catch the fish with the right bait, know what we mean? Women, single or attached, are romantic at heart, so paint them a picture of extravagant luxury, of pampering and you'll have their attention.

5. Stay in and show off your new tricks

Some of the best romantic evenings are spent staying in. All it takes to make this a memorable day is surprise them with a new sexy trick. Learn some naughty moves and dirty dance for him, because a little dirty dance can turn on the heat. Learn some new blowjob moves that will make his night. Return the favour with some extra-long attention on her with some foreplay she won't forget anytime soon.

6. Have a threesome

Perhaps you've always wanted to try a threesome. Threesomes are great because it allows many possibilities and scenarios. For everyone involved it'll turn out to be the most unexpected, and memorable experience. RedHotPie is the perfect platform to make this happen. Single or attached, Valentine's Day on RHP will open doors to many sexy possibilities. 

For tips on how to have a three way read - 5 tips for a successful threesome.

7. Leave subtle hints around

Leave pretty lingerie on his car seat and leave a note that says, " bring them to me and I'll put them on for you". Or if you have been talking about pegging, then leave a strap-on in a box and leave a similar note that says, " Bring it with you and I'll wear it for you". He's going to think about you all day.

8. Sexy & raunchy amateur photo shoot

You're all dressed up and probably wearing your best lingerie or dress up. Since you're already feeling it, there's no need to pretend for the camera. Capture your real sexual self on your phone camera and then use those pics to get you some more hot action. Two birds with one stone.

9. Watch third instalment of 50 shades of Grey

The third and last instalment of 50 shades is out. If you have been dabbling on light BDSM, 50 shades might be your inspiration for a kinky V-day. BDSM is so much more than whips and chains. Often it's more about who calls the shots. Blindfolding is a simple way to incorporate sensory deprivation into your play and it adds a fun power dynamic. 

10. Romantic Dinner

Take your Valentine to a fancy dinner date. Dressing up for the occasion, eating delicious food and drinking, are all steps that induce sensual vibes. Everything you do before getting to the bedroom will have her relaxed, feeling beautiful and showered with attention. Your night is certainly going to finish with both of you feeling euphoric.

Love is to be expressed daily, but Valentine's Day is the one time of the year for couples to celebrate their love and indulge in some special time together. Valentine's Day is a fun reminder, because let's face it, people fall into routine.

Have the best Valentine’s Day ever!

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