10 Reasons You Should Date an Older Man at Least Once

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An older man has a unique appeal that might be what you are looking for....

There comes a time in everybody's life when we need to embrace change.

When you are a girl and have been dating young men for a while but things aren't going as planned, you may start setting your sights on someone who’s more refined, more sophisticated, and definitely more mature.

Maybe you should start looking to date an older man, because…

Here are 10 reasons you may want to date an older man:

1 He’s more secure.

Other than money, he is also more secure when it comes to his emotions. In general, he’s more certain of what he feels about himself and life.

2. He knows more about sex

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Older often means he’s got a couple of tricks up his sleeve, right? He probably has some high-level moves you haven't heard of yet. With more time to perfect their technique, these men know where to touch, and for how long.

3. They have learned from previous relationships

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He already knows that different women have different ways of expressing themselves, which means he's better able to understand you. He has learned that some women are more emotional, vocal, relaxed, or sexual. Each times he meets a woman he assumes nothing.

4. He's patient

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He's had enough dating experience to understand that all women have different little quirks and he's not going to make a fuss over it. He's going to back off and give you the space you need. Understanding the meaning of delayed gratification comes with years of hard work.

5. He's confident and knows what he wants

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Confidence is an admirable quality in anybody, this assures that when you’re with your older man, you will settle for nothing other than the best. He's experienced ups and downs in life and he knows how to get back up and get what he wants. A confident older man has strong sex appeal.

6. He's not jealous or over emotional

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He’s secure in the fact that you would like him for who he is, and not just some flimsy reason like you checking a younger guy passing by is going to set him off. 

7. Better at communicating

If there’s something he wants to say, he’ll say it in as crystal clear a manner as he can muster. He has not time for games or misunderstandings.

8. He may be looking to settle down

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This is great news for the ladies out there who want someone to settle with, or to go to parties with.

9. Chivalry

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It may at times seem annoying, but it's it’s a gesture of feminine appreciation, so welcome it.

10. No Roommates

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It’s unlikely that your older man will share his home with a couple of unruly slobs he calls his best friends.

Taking the risk with an older, more mature man can open your eyes to new perspectives. Why not give it a shot, and see how it works for you.

Have anything to add to this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Writing interesting pieces about sex, the lifestyle and the different aspects of human sexuality is a challenge that Christina will endeavour to take. When she’s not blogging, she loves to exercise, watch movies and go to the beach whenever she can.

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Posted: Nov, 23 2016
A very good article, and a lot of truth about it. The over riding consideration I think is an older gent can bring is a real sense of caring and respect. Strange as it may seem, but having a meaningful conversation each time you meet seems to be the biggest difference (I am told) between older and younger gents.
Posted: Nov, 14 2016
Yes indeed although some may say I am biased! I look for an intelligence and confidence in a partner and I hope to give them the same. I have dated older women as well and they usually win hands down for a relationship. The passion and excitement grows with age not dims. I know a lot of women and blokes think that younger is better but I am not so sure a lot of that lust isn't also rooted in their own ego. Be who you are and enjoy the finer things like a good red 🍷
Posted: Nov, 12 2016
Agree with most of the points and I'm looking for that special gentleman. Some may not have a lot of experience, but they want to explore and learn. Quite a few have kids living with them and that can be a problem if they don't want their family to know they are seeing someone.
Posted: Nov, 11 2016
Posted: Nov, 11 2016
All of the above
Posted: Nov, 10 2016
Alot of younger men have these qualities also . Hmmm
Posted: Nov, 10 2016
He's definitely not desperate, he views life differently then most. Lets just say he lives life to the fullest, he has the stamina of a 20 year old, still works hard and plays hard at 63.
Posted: Nov, 10 2016
mmm not very typical most older men who are still single and looking for a relationship can be very needy and desperate as time is against them
Posted: Nov, 10 2016
My experience with a wiser, sophisticated guy captured an experience beyond all expectations initially, but the experience gets better and better, 6 years and still counting. This guy is the ultimate gift to women, he's quite the gentleman in and out of any sensuous session, he actually sets a high standard in sexual activity, due to his advanced intellectual, vintage abilities. This guy places a woman on a pedestal on every level. The most appealing attribute he cooks and cleans for you, and he can fix anything.
Posted: Nov, 10 2016
But why would a man want a younger woman, same points appy
Posted: Nov, 10 2016
If your still uncertain, I'm happy to be your guinea pig!
Posted: Nov, 09 2016
Age is only on the surface. We are still young at heart physically and mentally... Appreciate peace, the scent and the feel of a woman.. We have evolved
Posted: Nov, 09 2016
Only as old as the boobs you are feeling! I am enjoying playing with younger girls but i'm actually seeing a 50yo lady tomorrow that is smoking hot and going to be lots of fun!!
Posted: Nov, 09 2016
All correct can assure ladies...xx
Posted: Nov, 09 2016
It's a no brainier ladies 🙂
Posted: Nov, 09 2016
Couldn't agree more! The older men feel honoured to be invited into the bedroom & have a high level of respect!
Posted: Nov, 09 2016
The older man will let you be yourself. He is not threatened by you and insecure.
Posted: Nov, 09 2016
Understanding my own needs and the needs of my partners, self control and confidence to make the experience mutually special.

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