Tricks to make a man cum quicker?

Tricks to make a man cum quicker?

    | Feb 03, 2009
SultrynSassy   Woman 46yrs
Yes I know that this is the opposite of the normal problem but my gorgeous man takes a long time to cum. He's amazing in bed but when I'm giving him a head job it turns into a lifetime career!!! I pride myself on my headjobs as I love giving them but a girls mouth can get tired. Any tips on how to make him cum quicker guys?
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Cum quick

Also lick his balls, and instead of just sucking, lick his penis up and down and lick around the tip of the penis and stroke from his anus up to the base of his balls. Okay guys that is a female's version of what seems to work but what are your ideas??
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to make him cum quicker

simply insert a finger up the back passage and gently stroke. works every time!
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Bigboy_au   Man 47yrs

Cum Quicker

Sticking a finger up the back passage is a no no in my books.. I know some men like it, but the majority (of straight men) would be a turn orr..
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albot   Couple Man 47yrs Woman 40yrs

man cum

big boy you are a little wrong there you dont have to be gay or bi as we no alot of straight guys that like their back passage played with while recieving head
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That's a difficult to answer Sydgrl the feeling can change of its' own accord, but for me gentle ball play helps to quicken things as does licking and/or nibbling around the tip. Oh by the way you can leave my butt out of it. Good on you for being so dedicated.
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well i have to be honest. ive never cum from recieving head. So if there are any secrets you can pass to my fiance.. then its much appreciated.
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shedonist   Woman 46yrs

Blow info

I get incredibly turned on whilst giving head......and guys know it and it get more turned on by it. If you can find a way to make yourself cum whilst sucking his cock this always works....they just love it (and I dont mean in 69 position)!!
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FreshwaterRHP   Man 49yrs

Just My Slant

Sydgrl - interesting topic. I find it difficult to cum when a girl goes down on me and yes a few girls have complained of getting tired such as you do. My advice is this - talk dirty to him, telling him you want it and need it, have your tits out, ask him to look at your tits bounce around, he may not like you looking in his eyes whilst you go down on him - why not give it a break on the eye contact, lots of dirty talk, tell him your c*nt is dripping (if you can), tell him your so hungry for it, tell him he tastes great - when you do get tired just put your mouth over the end and hold it there and wind up the revs with your hand going up and down - ball play also works / squeeze his nuts, press thumb on the base of his sac up into the very base of his cock
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woody_pusscat   Couple Man 56yrs Woman 52yrs

nice topic

Oral never problem first one of night but later become a "bone" of contention... To me i enjoy being toyed with and as long as she wants to do it i'll lap it up. The best girls though want a finish some time or other so unless i havn't had any fun in a while they would have to learn about rythm. I can't speak for all men but while, actually my current friend the best ever lol, technique isn't that important other things are. One is being guilt free, another is the steady rythm. To me a woman can change stride as often as she likes, is a little like more serious foreplay, am enjoying it but as long as you keep breaking stride i 'aint going to get there... When you want me to cum i hope by now you've found a way i really like and are happy to keep that rythm. Thats what will produce the result ;). Not that it one way every time, thats what keeps it interesting i guess. What works for some may do nothing with others. Thank god for that, or it would all be too easy lol.
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Make man cum

I find that the more the woman is enjoying it the more it turns me on. Especially good if she makes some good sound. So usually when she is at the height of pleasure that brings me pretty close. Usually though I hold off until she really wants me too, then I concentrate on cumming for her. Only problem with that is when they wear themselves out too much and are left as a slobbering wreak not wanting to move. Then I've had to do it myself.
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Blacksmith   Man 53yrs

Keep it wet

I am naturally a long stayer but when a girl wants me to pop she gets my cock very wet and just keeps going. Don't stop to clean it up because its messy just keep it that way. If your mouth gets tired keep jerking his wet cock while you take a break. You can talk dirty to him while you get a break. The most important thing is to keep it very wet (the wetter the better) and keep going with either your mouth or if you must take a break use your hands and talk dirty to him. Sticking a finger up his backside does work with some guys. Don't ask just slowly go there. If he is totally against it he will let you know.
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HotOzCouple_cc   Couple Man 34yrs Woman 31yrs

Cumming quicker

Lots of licking, sucking, humming! Not just in the one spot though... Head, shaft, balls, any where's good! And for guys, visual stimulants always go down a treat!
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aus209   Man 57yrs

live the dream

such a lucky girl, and you want him to cum sooner??? be careful what you wish for! visual stimulation is always good to combine with physical try out his fav fantasy......... yes, go the whole way you could just ask him what does it for him, you might be surprised at the answer
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did you get a straight answer?

Well I was reading & hoping for an answer too hehe I guess the secret will remain. But I have been know to fall asleep if head goes on for to long leaving my man with a boner from hell. But he is conciderate he just unloads on my face or tits for me to find in the morning.
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Effectuality   Man 28yrs

Comprehensive reply

Okay here's a recap plus my own two cents. 1) Give him something to look at while you're down there. Put on a show for him. 2) Make sounds/say things to let him know you're havnig as much fun, if not more than, he's having. 3) Lick his balls, swirl your tongue around them, suck on them gently, fondle them, press your thumb in at the base of the scrotum and push against the part of his shaft that's inside him. This is about the only time this part of the shaft actually gets stimulated in any way, so the added pressure there can be new and exciting. 4) Using the tip of your tongue, go over the left side of the balls, up the shaft, and over the head, then do the same for the right side. Another fantastic thing to do with your tongue is licking the frenulum (the super-sensitive triangular piece of skin that sits between the head and shaft) and the ridge around the head. 5) For god's sake, don't forget to pump it! The tongue stimulation's great but if the pumping action's not there, there's far less chance we're ever gonna get there. A steady rythm is a must, and a great sensation is keeping your mouth over the head while gently sucking and pumping away at the shaft. 6) Try different positions. Rather than him lying down and you going in from above, try having him sit on the edge of the bed and you sit down between his legs, or standing up with you kneeling in front, or even in the 69 position but with you forbidding him to touch/tongue you. 7) Above all, be confident, enjoy it, and remember he doesn't always have to come from the experience - I find the sensations themselves are fantastic and coming's just a small bonus in comparison to the rest of a good head job! -Josh-
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thehummingbird   Man 35yrs


the same as going down on a girl, all men respond to different things. I used to come quickly from a bj but after being with a girl who loved doing it I know take ages and have to think of things to come that way. Its just that once you've had a lot of something you become desensitized. Also its harder to come when you are not controlling the action. Best tip is to pump with your hand with your mouth on the end and ask what he wants and do it straight away. Give him more control or just do the bj first. Always more sensitive that way.
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Things that make me cum quicker

A tongue roaming around the head of my cock A wet finger (or two... or three) up my arse, massaging my prostate Rimming, just delightful But most of all, the thing that does it for me, is a girl who is obviously enjoying giving head, all the tricks in the book can't beat a woman who is enjoying it as much as me.
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Seriously - finger up the back passage and milk that prostate.... its the different between: 1) Thanks honey, that was great, hey - what are we doing for dinner next saturday because bob and Jane wnt to go to that pizza place down the road or 2) OMGWTF!?!?!?!? We are being invaded, oh who gives a rats, jesus, I think I can rip this matress in two while we are still on it! Wait - I will try, Oh my, get me a walking frame, wait - no - get me a difibrulator, hell get me a set of jumper leads, coz this body aint walking by its self after that.... holly cow I gone weak at the knees, wait - no hips.... ah heack darlin, you just gonna have to feed me with a tube, OMG - most intense experience EVER KNOWN TO MAN. Seriously, guys - ignore the gay notes to it - its the male G spot - direct stimulation never killed a man, its just like watching souths win the NRL, Sydney win the AFL, Sydney gets the olympics AGAIN, your 18th and 21st combined, winning powerball and finding out your mail order bride has 3 identical twins who have to marry you also, Webber wis the Gran Prix and the Wallabies win the world cup as do the socceroo's all in 1 orgasm!!!! Sydgril25 - he might protest but seriously - once its in and stroking that magic spot... he will be like NYE all over the place. Main reason guys dont like it is its "gay", this is why a lot of men raped in prison commit suicide, they think because they orgasm they must like it therefor they must be gay, psychologically it messes em up it seems. Its the male G spot - direct stimulation has direct results. Best of luck. PS: Use Dulux Wash n wear on your ceilings in future :-)
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suckie wuckie

i love giving head my eyes roll back in my head asnd i go of in lala land ive been told im the best they have ever had but hey most men say that to get more dont they lol i know im good i make love to a cock with my mouth and toung lips etc i cant even explain how good it feels ive had men that never have cum via head and ive got them there with not much of a great effor i love stinking my finger inside the shaft gently teasing it and if they like it ill slide it in as much as i can bit like fingering a cock really ill lick his cock out with the tip of my tongue stik it in as far as i can and flick it back and forth they seem to love all that men r visual creatures so ive been told hehe so looking directly at them while suking there cock in a dirtry way and talking dirty to them also is hot not just for them but it floats my boat to ill spit on it and suck it a really hot drink in yr mouth followed bu sucking feels great or even ice then a warm mouth after suck har suk soft wank and suk at the same time deep throat men love seeing u gag and choke as bit and hearing u gag and choke a bit finger the ass while giving head using a vibrator while giving head stroking the bit between the balls and ass while giving head or even with a vibrator up and down gently pour choc sce on it a nd suk it of fuk theres endless things to do with it its like a everlasting loli pop wank hard wank slow had gentle try it all ask him if he likes it lay on yr back on yr bed head hanging over the edge so its tilted right back he straddles u standing up facing the opposite way and fuks yr mouth he can then watch his cock going in and out also and play with pussy to u dont have to do anything just lay there and use yr mouth for all good ive even been known to swear and talk to a cock while sitting there going nuts haha i just love it in my mouth etc shit i think its cause ive just got home after blowing my lover lol im all worked up still heheheh
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the balls

oh i forgot the balls how could i like having gobstoppers in yr mouth that wont stay still stroke em with yr nails suk the balls lick the balls pull the balls away from the cock hold em close sqeeze em tight sqeeze em gentle use yr immagination slap his cock on yr tongue suck the cock loosely so it makes a farty noise on yr lips like yr having a slurpy drink lol put it in yr mouth and suk so yr not actually sucking the cock but sucking in cold air around it then put it straight down yr warm throat when u r sucking it right to bottom let yr tongue poke out somewere dn sldie about so they c it its like a alien lol stop me plzzz

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