| Jul 24, 2010
webefun   Couple Man 52yrs Woman 51yrs

I take great delight in bringing my beautiful wife to her sexual climax and orgasam, but often think how great it would be if her climax was marked by the ejeculation of a warm sexual fluid (as men do). We have discussed the topic many times and are in agreement that it would be a wonderful thing. So, what I'm getting at is, is squirting, a some girls do, some girls don't thing or is there something we're no doing? Would love any advice or tips anyone has, even posably a practical demonstration may be in order.


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All women can squirt I believe, but for many women this response has been restrained, often by a negative experience when it first happens owing to men's general ignorance of it, mistaking it for peeing etc. There is a technique for encouraging female ejaculation, mainly involving stimulating the g spot. My partner regularly gushes large quantities of ejaculate using this technique. In her case, it is normally not associated with orgasm, which comes later.
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oh yes

I love being with women who squirt. I think the pleasure for me is knowing that they are totally letting go. My tips, plenty of g-spot massage (rotating shaft vibes, with bearings, glass dildos and fingers). I think the best is 2 fingers, inserted, palm up, to the 2nd knuckle, and stroke back and forward (like you are gesturing "come here"). Either index and middle, or middle and ring finger. Super important for the woman to be relaxed, no pressure to perform. Get her to pee before hand, because the sensation of needing to pee holds many women back. Use a towel, because some women worry about the bed. Most of all, relax, enjoy, be patient, have fun whatever happens. It takes a while to let go. and don't squeeze, push down (women who have had kids seem to be able to let and push down easier, in my limited experience. i love the "squelching" sound of a woman squirting. be warned, it can be intense, the reaction unexpected and a sleep may be required afterward.
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kinkcpl4u   Couple Man 37yrs Woman 38yrs

Found to be possible

Ihave also found that I can make my partner squirt. I find it is harder with some women then with others. Try with your hand and if that doesn't work then use a toy. I use a hatachi massage wand and it works every time. I find that i don't stop even if she begs but also she can't do it time after time after time. I usually wait for a day or two before doing it again....also find the waiting for her makes it even more intense. Plus I agree with fun1968xxx, love a girl who squirts. Good luck.
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i have had a past girlfriend who could squirt but she was the only one............................till i found my new wife.

when she first squirted she thought she'd pissed herself but after some words from me i told her that she had just squirted.

now i can make her squirt whenever i want to.

just make sure she is relaxed and horny enough and when i finger my wife i just rub the top inside her pussy and it sends her off in no time.

there is nothing i enjoy more than making her squirt and drinking her love juices

just remember to take it slow and easy and make sure they are relaxed enough and when you finger them do a "come here" like motion with your finger.

hope this helps and happy hunting lol

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Help obviously required

Nicercouple, my wife can not squirt and we have tried all sort of ways (including the whole finger thing). We would be happy for you to give it a go and see if you can (then you can teach me how). We have played with a few couples and as MFM and nobody has been successful yet so this could be a challange for you if you are prepared to take it on. :-P



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