Singles of QLD

Singles of QLD

    | Feb 19, 2017
Who would be interested in a singles only swingers event?
Clubs cater for couples all the time which is great but what about singles whom are only interested in other singles?
It's time to show these clubs what singles want. Fees for single men need to be reduced for starters and single woman shouldn't be free.

- Posted from rhpmobile
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Preymate   Man 38yrs

Trend setter

Great idea!

Don't over think or out balance the ratio.

Start a new trend and you'll probably trend the care factor...

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No expert! But!

From my understanding, if only singles? With the ratio of willing men to woman attending....

Essentially a gang bang event!

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As a single guy spending around a hundred dollars to go to a club just isn't rationale. And obviously there isn't a guarantee of sex, which is totally appropriate but I look at what else I can buy with a hundred dollars and it just seems silly. There has to be a way to bring the two camps together, maybe a second room where one can only go if you have someone to have sex with or something I don't know. I get the economics and that there are a lot more guys but there are also a lot of guys who would be scared away if they got the offer of sex and would never come back. I have been invited to a few parties where the guy has to pay and no one else and I just havnt gone, I'm quite happy to pay for costs of a room if everyone does but if its just me that feels more like prostitution without the guarantee of sex than horny people meeting, in the same way that I have never bought a girl I am trying to sleep with a drink who isn't a friend, it may be naïve but I want someone to kiss me because they want to not because I have paid money and they havnt.

Having said that house parties are always more fun than clubs haha much more fun :-)

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