Sex locations in the outdoors

Sex locations in the outdoors

    | Nov 30, 2006
Hey all Just thought I’d throw it out there cos I find this rather interesting topic that came up at work today in the daily chat about crap while avoiding work. But where are the locations people would most like to have sex in the outdoors? (Please don’t post stories I don’t need graphic stories it hurts my minds eye reading them) Currently my top three would be 1- This picnic area I know of in the mountains that are right near a major tourist spot but at late afternoon are deserted and have the perfect height picnic tables. 2- 1/2 way across the Harbor Bridge late at night (but now they have cameras so that idea is pretty ruined unless I want my own sex tape on the net). 3- The pool at work (after hours of course, and followed by a nice skinny dip)
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mathew1234   Man 47yrs

Great Locations

Foresore Drive Botany in the bushes behind the beach but u can always b sure guys will want top join in on the fun.
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Ice_Magic   Couple Man 57yrs Woman 48yrs

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House at 12:30am, overlooking the Harbour Bridge was the ultimate experience and I highly recommend it! We still get off talking about it and going back to do it again! Be warned, there are security cameras, so don’t forget to smile!
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plenty of sex

football oval next to sutherland pool carpark at concord rd ajoining park and parra riv park area on river at milperra georges riv er sailing club service rd coblers beach short stroll into bush my man and i had 3 naked horny men,it was so erotic and was sucking and been fucked utill they blew there loads and enjoyed SEX WITH STRANGERS
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ImAlwaysHorny   Woman 40yrs

Sex Outdoors

Cant say that I would know of anywhere in Sydney but the top 3 places that i have had sex outdoors would be....Picnic table next to a lake at 2am....Car bonnet at a lookout...and well i cant think of a third right now that doesnt involve the backseat of a car lol
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acutecouple   Couple Man 34yrs Woman 34yrs

outdoor sex

hey all i had a wild experience in the female sauna at roselands pool with my ex.while we were at it we were being watched ha ha ha it was so exciting
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A Few Good Locations...

I’ve had heaps of great sex at Milk Beach. Parsley Bay was amazing in the water with people swimming and snorkelling around us, but we didn’t care as it turned us on. Getting a headjob whilst I drove accross Harbour Bridge during daytime was amazing, almost swerved off! Caves Beach has heaps of space to be alone and intimate. Sex in the ocean is just the best! Also the old Pacific Hwy up to Newcastle has lots of great locations to fuck under the stars, I recommend that one!
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Shag Rock off of Shelley Beach in Manly

I had for fortunate aexperience of passing a fabulous evening with ’The Bear’, and as we walk along the beach amid the waves and sounds of the world settling for the day, we made our way to Shelley Beach from Manly. It was a gorgeous walk as the sunset and each of us were revelling in the touch of the other as we crossed Shelley Beach looking for a private place. We walked up the lookout just east of Shelley beach till we got to the end and marvelled in all the tourists gazing at the sunset and the surfers catching a few last waves. Quickly we ducked under the fence of the lookout and over the edge, slightly down the cliff till we stumbled on Shag Rock. Beautiful lookout, lovely and flat, The Bear was GRAND and I’d recommend it for all those passionate souls that crave a bit of privacy but a great view of manly at sunset as they find their pleasures in public. Definately a 3.5 star experience - although The Bear’s performance was definately 10/10 - God Bless her...

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