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am I doing something wrong

Not getting many replies has anyone got any advice tips...

Mar 17, 2017

How to measure a cock

Every second profile we see the guy is claiming a cock of...

Mar 11, 2017

Profile refreshment

My question:How often should you change/extend/rewrite...

Feb 26, 2017

Keen newbie

Basically need help with my profile to get views

Feb 02, 2017

Profile review

So after much editing and changing I think I have my...

Jan 31, 2017

✋ jumping on the profile check wagon

Any advice please? Too wordy? Not enough pictures? We...

Jan 28, 2017

Getting in contact with genuine members

Hi forum readers. Not sure if this has been asked before...

Jan 09, 2017

Why am i not getting many replies

Could someone offer me advice on my profile or self image...

Jan 09, 2017

Another profile feedback

Ok, so I told myself when I joined here that I would not...

Dec 19, 2016

Am I doing something wrong?

Hi everyone, I've been here over a month now, I've had...

Dec 18, 2016

Profile pic google search shows many other...

I know many of us here do the Google pic search to...

Dec 05, 2016

Help with my profile

I have been on here for a little while now with some...

Nov 24, 2016

I've resisted

I've resisted posting here and asking for help as I've...

Nov 18, 2016

Not having any luck

I have been on the site for a couple of months now and...

Nov 13, 2016

paid membership

G'day,Just wondering what the best way to pay the...

Oct 23, 2016

Another profile help request

Hi everyone, I'm terrible at writing online profiles. I...

Oct 03, 2016

Attached man playing with partners...

Basically, I'm in a very happy and committed relationship...

Sep 30, 2016

Constructive criticism welcome

Guys and gals, I'm after a profile check. Much...

Aug 10, 2016

YAPFR (Yet Another Profile Feedback...

If anyone has a spare minute, could you cast your eyes...

Jul 29, 2016

Honest opinion about our profile

Hey guys. We're just after some advice on our profile?...

Jul 05, 2016

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