Nervous Newbies

Nervous Newbies

    | Dec 22, 2016
Id like to start a little thread for all the nervous newbies.

Couples that are interested and experimenting or singles that are wanting to get in on couples action. Whatever your niche. . .

Tell us something that excites you!

I personally love play time with my partner when we photograph or video our antics.

We love pushing limits and enjoy a predominantly D/s relationship. I would probably classify us as being advanced in the practice of all things BDSM and oh my god do I love it haha.

We have always had a very passionate partnership and love seeing each other getting off. Hence why we joined RHP. :)

Lets get a thread running on what floats your boat.

T x :)

- Posted from rhpmobile
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Easy... there will always be (hopefully) that nervous anticipation.

Go with your instincts and if it does feel right, don't do it.

It's a journey and not a destination.


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chamelions   Couple Man 59yrs Woman 58yrs

Well, we are newbies looking for fun

We have met a few couples that were nice but for what ever reason we just didn't click but that's all good that's what the meetings are for, we have found a heck of a lot of no shows, maybe it's the hectic time of the year, we have a few nice couples we will meet up with in the new year, But we are still out there having a snoop about,
Cheers to you all

- Posted from rhpmobile
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Welcome 😀 omg you both look amazing and how lucky you are to be into each other, and have the desire to share that with others. I'm always going on about how I'm not the jealous type but I have to admit, slightly jealous of what you have. Your profile is beautifully fresh. Good luck. I have no doubt yourvinbox will be full 😃
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swingalingson   Man 37yrs

Newbie nerves Perth

Number one rule for newbies... Swinging is 80% percent social, 20% sex. If you can remember that the rest is easy. So mingle with respect peeps and ask questions.
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lifestylecruise   Couple Man 51yrs Woman 48yrs

I love that statement 80% social 20% sex

The important thing is that you are comfortable. Meeting the right people is the key. It can take time to decide. If there is no connection be confident and say NO. There is nothing wrong with meeting and saying let's just be friends if you don't have a connection.

- Posted from rhpmobile
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Cold feet?

We are very new to this. Just wondering whether anyone has got into a swinging experience (full swap for example) and one of the partners deciding part way through that it wasn't for them after all...

If so how did it go? Did it have any impact on your relationship, or did you kind of laugh it off and move on?

- Posted from rhpmobile
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Newbies as well

We're experiencing a good mix of excitement and nerves and enjoying it very much! Opening doors to worlds we previously never knew existed is nothing but exciting!
I kept my true desires suppressed for years and finally had the confidence to open up. I'm lucky my partner found it a turn on as much as I do!!

- Posted from rhpmobile

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