🎢 I Want It All

🎢 I Want It All

    | Mar 01, 2017

Woman 42yrs
At 42 I can honestly say I'm have only just begun experiencing the pleasures of my body. I've had a couple of extraordinary lovers of late who are beautiful men from the inside out. Foreplay that begins with a text, really yummy connecting conversations on the phone, nights of long foreplay, sensational sex, laughter, cuddles and conversation that turn into comfortable company the following morning, sometimes even a weekend. I've loved this time.

I think these guys are glorious and I adore their company, one in particular sees me cancel other dates because the sex is soo damn good and the exchange of energy so sublime. That should be enough, right? I should be satiated...

but I'm not.

There is still so much I want to explore and try, experience and do. A lifestyle cruise is one of them. I also want to have my own elegant & sophisticated space (dungeon, complete with St Andres cross, rack, cage, an array of floggers, rigging & suspension equipment and toys).

I also want to just meet people and relish in the get to know you stage, enjoy the friendshipm..but I'm also finding the old need to belong creep in. I though I had shed this skin many years ago.

I'm hoping that it is just a little fuzzy headed, post orgasmic high...but what if it's not. Part of me wants the sense of being 'his' (submissive response perhaps) but I do not want another relationship.

- Posted from rhpmobile
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Open Relationship?


I empathise with your feelings with only beginning to discover all the yet unknown pleasures and highs of sex.

I've tried, but only recently to encourage a partner to five an open relationship a shot so that we both can enjoy each other as well as experience new and endless adventures as we see fit!!

Well, I couldn't convince her and yet again I'm single and wanting to at least try what the couple scene are enjoying!!!

Always optermistic and I'm positive I'll find a partner willing to accommodate!

I feel like time is too short and I will miss out!!

But I will never get involved in a " normal" relationship as I've out grown monogamy.

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tulips4u   Woman 46yrs

Why not, OP?

What's stopping you from experiencing or having all those things? I don't think it's ever too late to start. My 40-year-old self would never dream of living the lifestyle I'm living now and I am not slowing down πŸ˜‰

- Posted from rhpmobile
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All I want

Totally agree here learnt more in my 40's about myself likes and dislikes and willing to try more. Sexual experience with trusted ones exploring new different experiences and who am I to complain. Trusting that person is the upmost importance and respect a must and if that person turns out to be the one whom can put up with me and vs versa great until then it's learn explore be safe and enjoy the rides.

- Posted from rhpmobile
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jayme2   Man 55yrs


With the dungeon and all the other kinky stuff , youre very much reminding me of scenes in " 50 shades of Grey " ... Must admit , the mystery of a dungeon with a sexy lady has plenty of merit to it. 😜
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johnisfun3   Man 44yrs

Just enjoy it....

Looks like you do enjoy your freedom and being adveterous. Well i would say go with the flow and enjoy yourself. I may be wrong but at some stage all of this may not be so exciting and you may want to be in a relatioship. When the time is right or the right person comes along then you can commit yourself and say been there a d done that.
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Woman 42yrs

50 shades of...

Oh god..I just rolled my eyes back so far my brain hurt. 😜

Long before that book there was The Story of O

and as for my introduction to kink, the moment my life change irrevocably, was the movie starring James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal, The Secretary.

Oh, I have tried to live in vanilla relationships but I inevitability start to draw lovers in to my wirld of kink. The problem has been that I am attracted to men whobarr in every sense of the word, GENTLEmen. Finding awakened Alpha's ain't easy.

Finding a man (in this country) who is powerful and compassionate almost seema like an oxymoron. Finding a Dominant who is sensual with a streak of sadistic, harder again, finding a dominant man who is so well in tune with himself, his energy and self mastery that he is not only comfortable within the role of dominant, he relishes in the domination of another and has the ability to foresee what a submissive needs and facilitate the journey...I miss London and Europe.

There is a gargantuan difference between a man who is interested in a little 'whippy slappy' and a man who can make you climax (and leave you standing in a pool of your own desire) on command in an art gallery, at a shopping centre, on a plane or over the phone. The cerebral and psychological (and often almost spiritual) connection within the D/s dynamic is essential for the 'relationship' to play out. Otherwise drinks with Joe Blow ate no different. There needs to be eliments of authority and control within the sexual framework for the dynamic to catch fire and those are personal aphrodisiacs for me...

I miss this.

50 Shades of Grey is more 50 Shades of yawn.

That said - I'm still going to see the movie. 😘

- Posted from rhpmobile
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magicmia   Woman 39yrs

Go for it!!

If those are truly what you desire, go for it, life is too short and you don't want to have regrets later, life is meant to be lived and be exciting and only we can create that for ourselves, so go and create the awesome exciting life you want

- Posted from rhpmobile
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jayme2   Man 55yrs

50 Shades of yawn ?

Well ' and after all that, you're going to see "50 Shades of Grey the movie , or is it 50 Shades of Grey " movie #2 due for release soon..

I was a guest of RHP to the special screening of the first movie in Sydney a few years back.. I thought it was just OK , but the lady with me was right into it . So it really depends on the kinks that turn you on , be it out there in your face kinkyness or pure fantasy with suppressed desires.. It take all kinds..

In your eyes I wouldn't shape up because I don't see myself as that kinky Dom you so desire, but I am a real ( Aussie) male in every sense of the word ( in this country ) , well in tune with who I am and beleive in touch with how the majority of women ( in this country ) like to be treated.

I think there could be a untapped kinky side to me , it intrigues me but I'm not about to jump off a cliff while waiting to find out.

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MsJonesy   Woman 50yrs

Am I delirious

Or is this just a rework of your 'he wants to be exclusive' forum?

There is one person who has the last thought on the matter, whose opinion is the only one you need to listen to.

Your growth.

Your life.

Your future.
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1soulsearcher   Man 53yrs

Slap and tickle

Was given the story of O in the 70 by my best friends mum. Completely changed how I thought about sex. I was a teenager and she was not my first fuck. But definitely my first woman and did I learn a lot or what.

Then there was the story of I. I'm Dom but she could have me on my knees with a look 20 years later.

Still sexy in her 60s. Just a word of caution though fucking your best friends mum is hard on a friendship.
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On_Safari   Woman 46yrs


You should read the Original Sinners quartet by Tiffany Reisz: fuck wimpy Christian Gray off and give me Soren (aka FatherMarcus!!!).

Why not have EVERYTHING indeed πŸ˜‡
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Come to Melbourne!!!

Dam girl get your backside down here and I'll show you another world.

PS: TBC......

- Posted from rhpmobile

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