Couples Pics

Couples Pics

    | Apr 09, 2010
fit_duo   Couple Man 47yrs Woman 44yrs

We have just started a couples profile. While it was Mr SPs idea, in typical "female" style (ooo that's sexist)... I've taken over the co-ordinating role. He set up the profile, paid the membership, filled in the basics then left the rest to me. I wasn't even sure what to put for his "endowment". The profile is incomplete so don't judge it too harshly.

Prior to completing the profile, I have a few questions:

(1) How important are pics of the couple together (personally I think they make the profile more sincere but Mr SP is anti face pics... he does have a very 'pretty' one!);

(2) Are explicit shots in the Private Gallery appreciated by other couples ? Is this something couples want to see before they meet? (seeing a pic of Mr SPs penis inside my vagina really shouldn't make a difference to whether we meet or not);

(3) I've stated that I'm straight in the stats section but should I express that upfront in the written section ? (I'm comfortable being naked with women and our bodies touching etc but just don't find it a turn on. How useful is it to state this upfront while not appearing like an uptight frigid woman ?)

I'm planning a "surprise" for Mr SP, involving my red rope handcuffs, a blind fold and a camera !!!! I will get those pics of his body one way or another !!!!

Looking forward to meeting some of you soon.

Cheers, Ms SP

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Saturn65   Couple Man 49yrs Woman 47yrs

Welcome Ms SP....

aarrgggghhh lost my post midway through I hate that....

Being the PA and the "1st base" co-ordinater to our profile I will give you my 2 cents worth on what we like in another couples profile to tweek our attention.

(1) In the general gallery I think its important to have at least 1 picture of the males body. So many profiles just have the lady and unless you are only looking a FF play - fair enough but if as you are interested in playing with opposite sex, put your mans body in there at least to give potential ladies an idea of what they are in for- so to speak.

(2) We have decided in our PG 2 to have face and pics of our other bits(explicit) in there so as to leave NO illusion as to who and what you will be playing with lol..Whilst we feel comfortable to do that we understand others are not which is fine, just dont lie about it in the "ask me" section. Endowement and "manscaping" are an important factor to me so I would not be happy if what I thought I was potentially about to play with was not correct, I would not be happy Jan! Pics take the guess work away otherwise you could organise a cam session to make sure potentials are kosher too.

(3) We have only stated my particular liking in the "ask me" part. I always look to see what a couple have written and prefer they put something other the "ask me" generic template...I'll tend to stop looking at someone if I cannot gather an insight into them by pic or description. You can also reiterate in amessage once lines of communication have opened. No biggie this one I think.

So love your work so far....except for the "sexy duo ready for raunchy times...."l That alone has stopped me from looking at a profile further...WE were the original of that moniker!!!lol

Ithink you are quite a wordsmith from your writing so far and Im sure you can come up with your own individual attention grabbing blurb to attract the masses..

Good Luckxx

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E_J_Melb   Couple Man 43yrs Woman 41yrs

It's looking very good so far. :)

(1) We appreciate the pics of the couple together. But of course that's not a must. The only huge red flag would be the pics of the guy only, which he made by shooting himself in the mirror. We wouldn't place the face pics of ourselves in the public gallery, but in the private we do. If you only have the separate pics, that shouldn't be a problem at all.

(2) We don't need them. If we see such pics, we just quickly click through. If these are the only ones, we'd probably ask politely for some face pics. Actually, here's our definition of the best possible private gallery ever: One pic. Both together, fully dressed, smiling in the camera. And there are private galleries like this. Our deep respect to these people. :)

As for us, we keep in mind that that's the internet and anything we place there can end up anywhere. Hence the rule: in the pictures where the face is shown, we're clothed. If the face is hidden, it's ok to be undressed.

(3) I'd say it's enough in the stats section. Either people can read or they can not, there is no third option. :) If they decided not to notice it in the stats, they would also 'selectively read' the profile too. Or not read at all. Things happen. If you feel like stating it upfront, just do it. There are other couples out there like you. Some of them may even search specifically for couples where both partners are straight. ;)

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