| Feb 10, 2010
bubbles_n_flash   Couple Man 32yrs Woman 31yrs

Having being circumcised only 2 days ago at the (not so) perfect age of 25, I'm just curious on everyones opinions regarding it.


Guys: What are you cut or not? Do you like it? If you had a choice, what would you prefer?


Girls: What do you prefer? Why: look, feel etc etc


At the moment, it hurts and it looks like it has been smashed by a hammer.


I do not recommend it to anyone, unless its for medical reasons (like me).




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My first compliment on this site

Quoting 'geturroxyoff'

i have to say it is the most expensive piece of skin around cost me the same as whitehawk about $3000 but glad i fought to have it done :-)...thanks guys x


roxy xxx.....


whitehawk...i wish i was a barbie cause id love to meet are a very interesting man :-)

Well thank you!! I'd be more than happy to chat and get to know you,only problem is my membership ran out and seeing as I only met one girls out of the hundeds of mails I sent...I won't be wasting anymore money buying another membership.Maybe we can work something out?
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Quoting 'Peachypear69s'
Suggest people considering circumcision explore all their available options and look into circumcision thoroughly.

This is not something I'd put or expect anyone to go through without their full knowledge of the procedure involved including possible side effects, and their express permission. One boo boo there and they're looking at a lifetime sentence... Mrs P'



Well yes I did alot of research and alot of soul searching.It took me at least 7 years to get it finally done....but i don't regret having it done one little bit.Yes I have some scarring but thats to be expected.I was mor worried about not waking up from the anesthesia than the doctor mangling my cock.He did an ok job on something when you think about a cold operating theatre and flaccid,would be very very difficult to operate on and get right!

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AdventureTime   Couple Man 49yrs Woman 45yrs

why would you?



as far as i know its an outdated religious act?

 and was also to save on germs in old unhygienic days..


now days theres no reason to do it unless you are a serious christian..


hmm cut your doodle and make it smaller and no skin to pull or move up n down while rooting..

doesnt sound like fun to me



sadly we notice alot of profiles with prefernces for cut cock...why iam not sure...maybe just for looks?

 when its hard they both look the same so who nose


cheers Neo...un chopped




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Just for looks? I hope not.

Like whitehawk says, he made a decision and followed it and was happy with the results and that's kewl. And there can be  medical reasons present that are best addressed by the performance of the procedure. It's the arbitrary circumcision of perfectly healthy babies that I object to. I've no doubt that being sexually active with my cut cock is a whole lot of fun so I got no issues being cut. It is my body though, and I simply would have preferred to have a choice. Neo, they dont all look the same as a cut dick when hard, but the question of aesthetics is no good reason to have the skin on your cock cut off... lolz... worse... are the guys who say... but my girlfriend said she would like it better that way. ouch.




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To cut or not to cut

Well I must say this is one of the more interesting topics I have seen yet. To start I will say I am NOT circumcised and I am very happy now that I am not. Being one of the first of the "no need to cut" generation I did get heaps of crap at school growing up and it did give me the good old stage fright at the urinal for a while lol. Now I am a parent my wife and I never had a 2nd thought about getting our son cut. Must add though they we or rather he has been lucky and has never had an infection (nor have I for that matter). I could not imagine life as a cut guy and so far I am glad I have not had too. Although we have some across a few profiles on here that have their preference for cut guys I am yet to meet a lady that has turned me down because of that reason (but trust me there have been other reasons haha) For me if it is not for a medical reason there is no point to doing it, I mean you would tattoo your son with his blood type just incase he might need a transfusion one day would you? We do make decisions about our children's lives everyday but this is a pretty full on decision to make for a "just incase". Mate I hope it heals up well for you and does not lose and sensitivity as I have heard other guys say before, I am sure you will be out there getting up to no good very soon ;) Oh I should also add that it is a bit of a concern for me about what will happen when I am too old to look after it properly, but as my wife keeps telling me, if i keep living the way I do (lots of extreme sports) I wont really have to worry about old age lol
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bubbles_n_flash   Couple Man 32yrs Woman 31yrs

Pics ok








I'm pretty sure you don't want to see th immediate post op shot - it is no a pretty sight. But we are happy to share a fully healed post op and pre op shot in about 6 week or so.


I can understand 3k for Whitehawk, its has cost me $800, and I still have 1 bill to go, and we have Private Health cover. I'm glad I don't live in the US though - I can't even imagine the price tag.


And, removing theforeskin doesn't reduce size. We always joked that my member looked bigger when I pulled the skin back. That was when I could pull the skin back.


Thanks, I hope I recover soon too.

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bubbles_n_flash   Couple Man 32yrs Woman 31yrs

Nightly Erections

Quoting 'Whitehawk77'

Flash..congrates on taking such a huge step.I had mine done about 3-4yrs ago I think and all I can remember about the whole thing is how quickly I went under the anethetic,ripping stitches every morning with the ol "Morning Glory" and the sharp stinging pain that went with that.At least 2 week recovery and a mild infection from irratation from the stitch knots and no fun for 6 weeks.A fair amount of sensitivity for about 4-5 weeks but then all good.


Thanks for all the info mate, very muc appreciated!


I'm glad yours went well, it gives me hope.


The worst thing is erections at night, I haven't had a proper night sleep since the op. Every hour up and running it under cold water ti calm it down a sooth the pain.


I have now found out that most males can have up to 20 erections a night! Hilarious in the sceme of things here.




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bubbles_n_flash   Couple Man 32yrs Woman 31yrs


Thanks for all the well wishes people, very much appreciated.


I'll update the pics in a few weeks and have an uncut pic and a cut pic on the profile for people to look at if they want.



Flash (& Bubbles)

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Hope it heals ok

My family are all uncut as well, and have never EVER had any sort of infection or problem.
The reason is the old boy taught me from a young age to pull back and clean, and i have taken the time with my son to show him how to do it too. (Don't know what the neighbours think when i yell out "Have you washed your pecker mate")

As for looks, well my ex mentioned that she prefered the look of a cut cock, and i have to admit that being young and dumb and much too vain, i did think about getting it cut.
Instead, i trained the skin back, took about 4 weeks, and now have a "Cut"cock, without having needed surgery.
I still have the foreskin, but you wouldn't know.
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I was

I was cut when I was 2 and growing up when at pool changing I always wondered why the other's looked different to me.


I actually prefer having a circumsised one, just seems cleaner. Even though I have no Jewish connections lol.




Firehelmet > fire hose.

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spunkycpl17   Couple Man 27yrs Woman 26yrs

nasty incident...

hey guys,

my man is not circumsized.. and i've  never been with a guy who is, but i have heard that whe you've been cut you lose alot of sensitivity in the head of the penis, because it no longer has a covering over it all the time.


I' m hoping he doesnt read this.. lol i'll tell you hs embarrassing story... he was fucking another chick, before he met me, and she must've been a bit dry because after the 3rd or 4th thrust he said he felt an awful sharp pain and looked down and she as well as he were covered in blood. e got a up and left pretty quick,  but when he got home checked to see what had happened, and the little bit of skin you guys were talking about the connects the foreskin to the tip of the penis under the head of the shaft, had ripped away from the rest, and was pissing out blood.


When i got with him, he was reluctant to have sex with me for the first month, but i didn't know why and its only recently that he told me! (i just thought he was having problems...:P)


just thought this story kinda fitted in! lol cheers, Linz

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Another nasty incidence.....

Bightme17.. that's called a frenulum. They don't all tear... it can tear during intercourse if it is tight and the sex is rigourous but it usually only tears the once in a lifetime.. but if it heals badly, it can tear again. Some guys have a recurring issue with tearing because of the way the frenulum heals and they should seek medical advice.. a doctor will tidy that frenulum right up with a scalpal without having the remove it entirely and without performing a circumcision. Usually the frenulum is a sensitive area of the penis but circumcision removes it entirely and in the instance of newborn baby boys usually without any evidence of a defect. I am not anti-circumcision, but I do protest the mandatory circumcision of babies without any sign of defective equipment.



Someone told me recently about an "incident" at a swingers party..... this uncut dude with a very tight foreskin was fooling around... and my friend walked passed and gave him a wack on the cock... and blood gushed everywhere... poor bastard.. his foreskin had split. Ouch.





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73sexedup   Couple Man 44yrs Woman 44yrs


feel 4 you flash,not an op anyone would want to go thru at your age,hope it heals not cut and have never had a problem because i was taught very young to train the foreskin and to clean and dry it properly,my mother was a nurse at the time of my birth ,if anyone would know the pros n cons of it a nurse would. none of her 3 sons is cut,our son isnt cut and was taught from a young age how to wash n dry and as a result has never had an issue,however 2 of his mates did have probs and had to have surgery because their parents were ignorant or lazy?? circumcison is a religous act that has no place in modern society,imagine a woman with no clit? yet some cultures still practice this act of butchery.
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Ellandess   Couple Man 44yrs Woman 41yrs

ouch indeed

I'm uncut and to be honest I've never, ever, met anyone who cares. I worry about it a bit, and I've thought about going to see the doc for a bit of a trim, but then I wonder why. If you keep it clean, then what's the point? Apart from the fact that 99.9% of porn star dicks are cut I mean. 30 years ago, 99.9% of porn stars had gigantic bushes too.

I hope times are changing, because pointless genital mutilation isn't a good thing.
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MistressT   Woman 50yrs

sliced or whole?

The best sex I ever had was with a guy who was whole. The second best sex I ever had was with a guy that had been cut. As long as he is clean and knows how to use it properly then I am a happy girl.
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blazingstarr   Man 59yrs

Not Cut

I am not cut and boy am I happy about that,
I am sure I get more enjoyment out of sex, at least its not rubbed all the time only when the foreskin is pulled back and that is the best feeling one can have
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Just a little bit of info...


The Royal Australasian College of Physicians have for the past 18 years at least, continually reviewed the research and literature and continue to issue the statement that there is "no medical indication to perform routine neonatal circumcision"...  neonatal meaning in the first 30 days of life.  Some private obstetricians still do this in their surgeries and without adequate anaesthetic.  Parents are aware of this and ultimately it is their choice.  Public hospitals do not perform routine circumcision without medical reason.  If circumcision is decided as a preference, then it is best preformed when the baby is 6-12 months old under a general anesthetic by a Paediatric Surgeon.


As a midwife, I have always thought if boys weren't meant to have foreskins, they wouldn't be born with them.  But, at the end of the day, it's the parents decision...and always respected.


In this thread, female circumcision was also mentioned.  It's called Female Gential Mutilation in Australia because it is outlawed. Many women who have had it done prefer the word "circumcision".  Now, not for a moment am I condoning the practice, but in recent years with increased immigration from Africa, there has been the need to address female circumcision especially for childbirth.  Many women are actually proud of their circumcision.  It ties them to their culture while living  in a foreign land.  For childbirth, we need to actually unsew them (the scarring on the perineum is so tough that it will not allow the easy passage of the baby through the birth canal).  For many they hear the sound of their pee into the toilet for the first time ever!  For all their life, they have taken 20 minutes to pee as it would have to trickle out.  After they give birth, they may then elect to be sewn up fully again.  Many do... lucky are we in Australia to have choices?





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mynameisearl2   Man 48yrs


quoting OneBrightStar

as above, as i haven't worked out how you fukkas do that yet.

opens the mind a bit.

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thats insane

I have read an autobiography on a lady who had this done to her when she was very young (name slips me) and thought it was a very barbaric thing to have done.

I totally agree with you brightstar, if us guys were not meant to have it there then we would not have been born with it.

On a much lighter note

Q-   What do you call the bit of skin attached to a penis?

A- A Bloke
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bubbles_n_flash   Couple Man 32yrs Woman 31yrs

i miss you

i miss my skin, but i have a happy head now!

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