Are Asian girsl different in sex to Western girls

Are Asian girsl different in sex to Western girls

    | Jul 16, 2011
disappointed   Woman 34yrs
Ok guys, I would like to know what is different about sex with an Asian girl to that of sex with a western girl. Are there really any differnces in body, the way we do it, what we do?? be very honest please. xx P
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HungMatt   Man 39yrs

Are Asian girsl different in sex to Western girls?

Nymphasian, you've hit on a topic i have often thought about to myself as i fondly recall previous encounters with a variety of both 'flavours' lol
I guess seeing how it leads on from the last sentence, flavours is one area in which Asian and Western girls do differ, in my experience anyways - i don't know how to describe just how they taste different but there is a definite difference between eating a Western pussy and an Asian pussy - don't get me wrong, both are amazing as each other and the two slightly differing tastes are in their own right both delicious, but yes there is a bit of 'culture flavour' deviation.

obviously besides the skin deep differences, i have personally found the majority of the Asian ladies i've fucked have been quite subservient and eager to please the man - i have noticed however that once these 'shy' asian girls get into it then look out, like lighting a fuse they just step it up a notch and put 110% into the act, i love it!!!

besides that, i don't find much variation between an extremely sexy and edible Asian such as yourself Nymph, or between a sexy and edible Western chick - i think it's best for everyone involved to just throw it all together and have a multicultural feast ;) Hungry, Nymphasian?
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I go crazy over asian women!

I've found that asian women put in alot more effort in bed than western girls. I will always put an asian girl before a western girl when it comes to sex.

But, each to their own really. Just my 2 cents.
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coolncrazy   Man 51yrs

Many differences

Of course it depends a lot on the individual but in my experience, there are really lots of (yummy) differences.
I don't mean to offend non-asian women, just my experiences...
1. Physically - Asian women are generally more petite, really nice, pert breasts, gorgeous honey coloured skin and as a generalisation seem more toned overall...

2. Less pubic hair which just seems to be more naturally neat & straight. While we're there, I actually think because Asian women are generally smaller I think their vagina is also a bit shorter?? I just know I've had lots more sort of sensation feeding back when I'm inside an Asian girl.. Possibly they have more toned pelvic floor??

3. Asian girls smell nicer. The especially have a thing about keeping their pussies super clean. While this is good, it has also been a minor problem when I want to go down on a girl in the morning and she is too scared she won't smell right. Also I prefer to kiss and cuddle after sex rather than have my partner bounce out of bed to give her pussy a clean (even when condoms are used...). Just by the way girls, it's much healthier to have a pee after sex than to wash yourself!

4. This is not universal but overall I've found asian girls to have better hip action - especially when they're on top. Maybe it's because (again a generalisation) asian women are more likely to want to please their guy in the first instance and happy to use their pussy and whole body to do so (and then discover how much pleasure they get themselves in the process??)
I wonder if some Asian girls somehow really learn about how to have sex & how to send a buy beyong bliss and back?? After all, the most profound sexual teachings like tantra and the karma sutra are asian...???

5. Asian girls just seem overall more considerate, polite and yet wild in the bedroom. I have a theory that there is so much culture and regulation in asian culture that the privacy of the bedroom becomes a place where they can really let go and be the many sorts of woman they can't always be in society...

6. In terms of having orgasms (real vs fake), I think this really depends more on the girl than Asian or not Asian (and of course the skill and chemistry of the guy lol). The only difference here is that Asian girls are less likely to scream loudly... and I've had more asian girls squirting as compared to non-asian girls.

I am generalising and of course there are many exceptions to all the points above. I also don't mean to be racist here, but there really are obvious physical differences and culture does play a part, even for Asian girls raised in Australia...

I do love being with all sorts of girls which I mentioned in my last post. But if I'm to be totally honest, I really do have a strong preference for asian women...

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No secret...

Gets back to preference. I've never hidden the fact that I have a attracted for asian girls.
The few encounters I've had were really very enjoyable.. Personally, I've been lucky enough to sample a few different nationalitys, and I must say most are pretty much the same except I find asian girls are more likely to try different things and place more enegy into pleasing their man. Whereas a western woman likes to be seduced and let the man take the lead, the asian woman doesnt wait if she wants something.. Not saying all western woman are less active, as I've meet some very active ladies. and I would think there are asian women who are not all active.
Physically, the differences are subtle, but I would say a asian woman is definately tighter than their western counterpart, so this makes the feeling more intense for both parties. Most asian gilrs naturally have less hair on their bodies and in some cases very little hair on their pussys. I find that once a western woman is turned on her vulva becomes more engorged and this can give a fabulous sensation like a hand wrapped around your cock..
So for me, and I know its generalizing, for a sexy liason I perfer a asian girl simply because of what I have experienced, but this is in no way make me turn down a yummy western woman....

PS... Nymphasian.. as a after thought... what's your take on the differences of western man vs a asian man.. Im sure that would make ineresting reading... cheers hotty.

PPS... Yes Mrs JJ knows my fasination with asian women... no big deal.

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Interesting Question?

Well i can only answer to what i feel.

In all honesty i can only say is there is no difference as in the end. Sex is different to everyone, on emotional levels as well as the physical level. Everyone reacts differently as we all have our different quirks that attract us and social thoughts from our upbringing

It's just going to be interesting to see what others think.


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disappointed   Woman 34yrs

thanks Hung matt

Great ideas hungmatt , thank you for being so honest !! xx

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disappointed   Woman 34yrs

asian girls

ok so it seems there is the perception Asian girls are keen to please a litle more than west gals. I wonder what West gals think about this.
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disappointed   Woman 34yrs

wow coolncrazy!!

Thats amazing Coolncrazy. So there are some differences. Very true about morning licks! haha ! I always want to run to the bathroom to freshen up before any morning licking haha!
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coolncrazy   Man 51yrs

Morning Licks...

I can understand why you might want to run to the bathroom but really, trust me, if the guy is OK with this - it really is OK.

This may not be true for all women, but it has always (for me anyway) been true with the Asian women I've been with (maybe because of the hygeine thing I mentioned earlier)... And when the juices start to flow, it just gets better... I've had to kiss my partner on her mouth immediately after to prove to her that she tastes and smells good (besides I love kissing - oh yeah, I forgot to mention before, Asian women nearly always have nicer lips and if they like you are amazing kissers...

I love waking up my partner with juicy kiss on her face lips and then a nice long session on her other lips haha...

Morning breath is much more of an issue for me (Asian or non-Asian) so if I haven't been up & brushed my teeth, I always have a drink of water first and then a couple of mints which I pass to my partner orally - problem solved. Such a yummy way to start the day...
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asians girls are tighter

I have never tried 'western' girls but from my experiences with numerous 'asian' girls, they are definitely tighter and more willing to please...... I agree with many of the comments about asian girls and have similar encounters too. However, the asian girls I've met are not so comfortable with guys going down on them and most of them usually stop me only after a few minutes. I love to go down on my partner and eat my heart out so that it very frustrating. I know I am generalising here.....but just my 2 cents worth.
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disappointed   Woman 34yrs

Just juice x

hello Just juice.....haha you asked the perfect question how do west guys differ from asian guys...ok here we go

Asian guys are softer than West guys, I will generalise here and it is based on my own experience. Asian guys come from Mum straight to a GF. They cannot look after themselves if they don't have a women to do it for them. a lot of them are not manly, they are smaller build and lack the real man features west giuys have.

It is true cock size is overall smaller than west guy but that is not really a problem. There are some big, manly asian guys but not really in big numbers in the general population. They don't know how to spend time with a woman, that is, they have not got the fiirst idea on what women want in sex!!

I have to teach them! Now if i was to lie naked in front of an Aussie, i can almost guarantee a great sexual journey.

Asian guys are married to their jobs, west guys though may be very dedicated to their jobs they will always make pussy time haha!

So there you have it Just Juice you sexy thing, your men are better at sex and more of a man than asian guys. That is why i have not been with an asian guy for about 4 years now. I just love western guys and gals. I have enjoyed several west girls too and I agree, they can be so beautiful and very very nice to taste

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CGlooking   Man 35yrs


I agree, Asian girls are far more willing to please. Something that I have noticed is that Asian girls are far more happy to swallow then western girls. All the Asian girls I've been with swallow without needing to be asked, it's almost as if it is a given, whilst with western girls its more of a luck-of-the-draw.
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GrowlinGuy   Man 31yrs

Physically or Mentally

I have been fortunate to have known both 'western' and 'asian' girls and i have found that there is little difference physically, one is not necessarily tighter than the other. Other than the obvious skin and hair colour; as with all women across the world, one girl is never the same as any other, however i have found that there is a difference mentally. Asian girls are generally more keen to please, and pay more attention to cleanliness, and as Ironhard said, I have also found that asian girls are usually less interested in being pleased themselves when compared to a western girl, but as before this is not a rule of thumb; just a general observation.

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coolncrazy   Man 51yrs

Your experiences with Asian Girls

Heyya nymphasian,

From a girl to girl perspective, I wondering if you've been with any Asian girls yourself and if so did you notice any differences between Asian girls and western girls???

I suspect the differences with girl on girl experiences between Asian & non-Asian girls may not be so great when girls get together to play apart from possibly less Asian girls to choose from who are willing to play with you??
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Unfortunatly I've not yet had an asian girl on my menu

Plenty of everything else but not the one I'd like to try

I guess they just seem shy and I never get too far with them

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Great observation and even better explaination... Without being disrespectfull to asian guys, I find the asian girls I have known perfer making out with a western guy like you said. for the reason you said.
Personally I love the mystique of a interacial relationship, probally a big part of the reason why Im with Mrs JJ.
Over the last 12 months I visited Thailand twice with business matters and in most cases find myself moreso the centre of attention than the local guys, who by the way dont seem too concerned anyway. ? ( btw, Im not refering to the street and bar girls here ).
I find when Im with a asian girl its game on from start to end. I know the experience will be hot and satisfying. The last asian girl I was with still lingers in my mind and quite often in a day dream I'll start getting just like the vision you painted when you said ' If I laid naked in front of a aussie' awwwww..

Now thats a nice vision... cheers hotty

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My observations... and not that any one is better than the other...

1) Asian girls tend to be less vocal, but emit more high pitch squeals.

2) Asian girls also tend to have somewhat smaller, but firmer breasts and tighter asses. In fact, I can't recall one Asian with any sort of flab on her ass.

3) All their legs seem to be slim-to-medium with tone; Western women's legs are everything from skinny to muscular to nicely toned.

4) I've never seen an Asian woman with chewed fingernails.

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princeofporn   Man 35yrs

different girls

Hi there miss Nymph

I see alot of people have given there 2 cents on this great topic well I thought I might add mine seeing as I have recently come back from a trip around asia & I think there is a difference between asians & asians hehe but yes you are right there is a difference between asians & westeners. but back to what I found to be the case on my trip I went to asia for around 2 months & 4 countries & it being my first time in an asian country before apart from when I was 12 but that doesnt count hehehe.

For most asian women just really like western men & it doesnt matter where he is from. I have alot of asian friends that are girls who live in asia & no I have not had sex with all of them so I can tell you from my side but also from there side because I find the girls are so open to talk to me about anything like that like a free spirit hehe which I have been told they cant so much with there asian guys. I noticed asian girls really like the western guys kinda like western girls like african american guys hehehe but in saying that I also think more so now after traveling around the world a couple times that people just like girls or guys from other countries, being with someone different, exotic & most of all different accent yes I said we all know most women love accents hehehe were as guys its more about looks hehe sorry off topic back to the main topic sorry.

Now apart from main differences like highet, skin, size in body & all body parts but not all some asian girls have large breasts like you miss nymph lucky girl hehe plus languge hehehe when it comes to sex & even love for that matter from asian to western I agree with people on here there is lots & I agree with lots that they have said from the asian girls are more concerned with making the guy happy but that comes down to there culture & how they are raised from what my friends tell me most asian cultures the girls & told to look after there man & make them happy & I must say they really really do dont you agree guys??? yes they usually have less hair on the body lucky them hehehehehe & yes for sure the first thing afetr sex for an asian girl from what I have found is right to the bathroom to wash there pussy out hehehe the first time I saw this it shocked me but it is kinda cute even if they dont need to because im like the guy before & like to cuddle after sex so it does take abit of the romance out of sex which can suck sometimes but its ok I can live with it but also as I said before maybe its where there from because not every asian girl did this. another thing with asians differents is tightness most asians yes are tight & I mean 1 finger tight because anymore would have hurt her & I never wanted to do that but like anywere in the would once a girl has kids they are not as tight hehe because I incounted that aswell & made a difference with fingering & sex. but yes most I would say are tight. Like someone said before I also found out & heard some asian dont like oral but my reason I got told was its because they never done it fo are a bit scared to try but once done it look out hehe Now I also noticed but this might have been the girls I was with they seem so nice good & inocent like the girl next door or a virgin hehehe but once there clothes are off & having sex look out hehehe they enjoyed sex so much & they seemed to moan & scream alot to the point of hotel staff nocking on your door to be quiet hehehe because I wont say all western girls are like that but im sure not all asians are either but more of them maybe it has something to do with being tight & western guys are bit bigger again not all some so that makes them enjoy it so much more & moan & scream lots & lots hehehe.

Now the biggest thing I found about sex between asian girls is there are 2 main types the asian girl who has had sex before loves it & wants to have it lots hehe & the asian girl who has not had sex before, is a virgin & is waiting until she is married before whe does because thats how she was brought up. Just so you know I have nothing against either girl Im just letting you know what I have found from having sex & talking to my friends who are asian & live there & born there.

alot of the girls who are waiting are very interested in knowing about sex they talk about it openly they just want to wait thats there beliefs & some dont want to wait they have to its part of there family & I would say like any girl or even boy in the world the 1st 2nd or maybe even 3rd time you have sex with them ythey might not be very good it might not feel good & they sure as hell are going to be very tight hehehe so you cant complain if your with an asian who has not had much experience I have just found that in asia there are alot more girls waiting to have sex than western culture & girls who have it as soon as they feel ready could be any age these days.I have also found that asian girls can fall inlove alot more easy than most western girls to the point you could tell an asian girl she is a great girl & you like her or you give her compliments shes beautiful & sexy, To her that means your love her & want to be gf/bf & togeather forever where as western girls would take that as a nice thing to say & maybe we can be friends if she liked you also, so people who like to flirt like me watch out hehehe Im so sorry again I have gone off topic but I saw your question about asian & western girls & sex & seeing as I had just been there I wanted to say something if you dont like or disagree sorry & let me know its only what I encounted & have heard from my asian friends.


Ps im sure you get this all the time miss nymph but from someone who has traveled alot you look amazing & im sure a fun girl your lucky parners hehehehe

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disappointed   Woman 34yrs

yes coolncrazy

Yes I have cool n crazy, I have had west and asian girls. Lots of the girls I have been with were indeed very clean and do really like to please the other. Western girls are more sensual. We asian girls tend to have fun if you know what I mean? We seem to focus on the fun of sex and not the sensuality. West girls really know how this works. So if I were to generalise like I always do I would say asian girls especially japanese girls are going to give me a fun time , a westen girl will give me a really sensual time.

As far as clean , not clean goes, biased as I am, asian girls are slow to shave down there. If you have a japanese girl or chinese girl most are not shaved. But they smell nice there and really take care. West girls are more likely shaved and do smell great but those west gals not shaved , sorry to say, dun smell that good there. Sorry to all non shaved west gals!!! xx

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disappointed   Woman 34yrs

haha fun rendezvous

haha Fun Rendezvous you made me laugh. I think you are right but I have seen some big fat arse nail chewed asian girls in australia. But in asia it is a fast pace society so we run around everywhere , always on the move and have more rice than meat in our food. So can understand why we are generally more slim than the west girls. On the other side....I am totally in love with Jenifer Hawkins!!! China, Japan, Thailand , Vietnam, Malaysia are yet to produce a miss world or miss universe I hope you were not offended by my saying asian guys a bit soft. It is just my personal experience, I am sure you know lots who are not.

One thing I will say and I wana know if you agree... Asian gi rls , me included, are not sexy but cute , do you know what I mean? In that if you look at model pics , advertising, asian girls are pretty and cute, sweet and petit. West girls are hot and sexy and sophisicatd. Agree or not??? I never see my self as sexy hot but if I had to I would say cute , maybe a little pretty but sexy is not how I would describe.

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