6 Packs On Girls?

6 Packs On Girls?

    | Aug 24, 2012
Taby_001   Woman 28yrs

Just out of general curiosity I wanted to find out people’s options on girls that have 6 packs. When I say 6 pack I don’t mean over the top body builder women who are on steroids. I mean a nice just defined 6 pack. The reason I’m asking is because I have just started to show my own 6 pack (just the beginnings of) and me and my female friends where having a massive argument over it.

I think women who are fit look hot! Again I don’t mean women that go over the top body builder types but women that you can tell just by looking at them that they are healthy, fit and go to the gym to keep in shape. Since I have started to get fit I have noticed I appreciate the hard work people put into looking good. I never use to and I use to think fit women where “skinny b*****s” basically because I was jealous, yes I’ll admit it! Lol

My female friends argue that it looks unnatural and ugly to which I of course disagree. So I wanted to find out other male/female perspectives on this topic.

Taby x.

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triunity   Couple Man 49yrs Woman 42yrs

Perspective an maturity

I expect your female friends say 'unnatural and ugly' to you but to any one else they say 'skinny bitch' just like you used to.

Seems to be a case of perspective (whether or not you have a 6 pack) combined with maturity, which you and your friends have yet to attain.
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m25f20   Couple Man 31yrs Woman 26yrs

vote against

male perspective here - i'd probably vote against the 6 pack on girls. i'd rather run my hands over a girl who was just smooth and toned rather than muscular and defined.
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Fit Yeah ! Skinny boney nuh !

I love fit women simply because they can keep up and participate rather than being passive all the time.

But fitness does not necessarily equate to skinny as, indeed overly muscled girls can be a bit like shagging a bloke, too hard !
Depends what you like I guess, some softness and femininity is nice.
If you want a good abs workout get yourself a strap on and a willing "training partner"

Your looking pretty damn hot girl and there is no reason you can't have a fit body underneath a healthy amount of flesh. Muscle definition on chicks can look odd. Healthy is sexy too !

Remember gym fit is not necessarily healthy, it can be artificial, all muscle no cardio for example, personally I prefer "working" fit rather than Gymbo body, like tradies. A working body always looks hot, it doesn't need a workout to "pump up"

My 2c

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you want my honest opinion

I think your friends are right, may be they are telling you that you have a distorted view of your body.


The men on here will say baby you are hot, yada yada so if your fishing for attention you will get what you want


When I look at your pictures I see a young woman who may be on the doorstep of a bigger problem


Talk to your offline friends, and listen to them


the key to it all is to be FIT and HEALTHY

I see to many young women at my gym there for hours and sipping a protien shake and are way underweight.

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We've been on rhp for quite awhile now and noticed your profile on several occasions even when you used to be just 'Taby'..

Was interesting to watch you grow into your sexuality and write of your experiences as you went.. Its been awhile since I read any of your posts, in fact the last I remember was when you started dating older guys, obviously awhile back now... My thoughts back then were' although inexperienced your posts were always interesting.

When I read your post today' I noticed how much you have matured and how good your body is looking, obviously from alot of hard work in the gym.. Must admit' you looking good.. In 2 minds about the six pack.. I love a flat firm stomach on a girl but unsure about the 6 pack look.. As good as you look now' I wouldnt go to far..

Just my opinion... Jon.. Mr JJ
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Taby_001   Woman 28yrs

1 Thing

Interesting. Ok so I just want to get one thing straight because as some have already hinted at… and I know it’s going to come up at some stage (it always does). I do not starve myself or over exercise. I eat 3-5 healthy meals a day (lots of veggies, fruit, salad, lean meats, eggs and seafood). I go to the gym 3 times a week (weights) and on the other 3/4 days I go for a 3km run. @tuscanred – that wasn’t very nice. So you think I’ll have a "bigger problem" down the road if what you’re referring to is me being too skinny. I am working on building muscle not losing more weight. I just wanted to clear this little fact up before someone accuses me of being anorexic. Also I’m not looking for men so sucking up doesn’t work.

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Cassandra_Jayne   Woman 38yrs

Feminine abs

I love a fit looking body male & female. However I don't like heaps of the six pack look where you build your abs out - creating the six pack - this looks much better on a man. Alot of the core workouts do this ... I'm fit (forgiving me a little over winter) I love working out and getting results and have watched my body completely reshape itself over 12 months ... My secret ... Tracy Anderson ... She works with you in such a way where your abs become defined yet feminine and sexy ... She also does amazing things for your but!!! You are gorgeous - your hard work has paid off! Google Tracy if your interested xx Cassandra
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Man 42yrs

Each to their own

Mrs P has a six pack, but that is all due to her slim build, work and lifestyle. Mr P does not mind and has no preference either way, but would agree that it does look impressive and would love her just the same if she had otherwise. Nothing wrong with looking defined as long as it does not become an obsession and if it is a bonus from a healthy lifestyle choice then why not.


Everyone will have their own two cents worth and you will probably find that the people who are mostly against female body definition are people who feel threatened or are just plain judgemental.


Taby, you are looking good, enjoy it



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When I was in my late teens and early twenties,

...I took my weight training very seriously. I worked out at Paul Graham's gym at Brighton Le Sands. (Paul was a former Mr. Australia and, while living in the states as a flat mate and training partner to Arnold Schwarzenegger.) I had met Paul a couple of times but he left the running of his gyms to Les and Erika Geisen (Erika was the inaugural Ms. International). So I was surrounded by the culture.

I once met Cory Everson and Carla Dunlap, both former Ms. Olympias and both were appearing as exhibition guest stars at local bodybuilding competitions. Cory and Carla were pioneers in female bodybuilding from a time when the aim was to enhance the female form beore the steroid monsters took over. Carla had the most beautiful body I've ever seen. (I wrote a letter to the forum of 'Muscle and Fitness' magazine about how impressive she was. She remembered me and sent me a Christmas card.)

Rachel McLish, Lydia Cheng, Kike Elomaa were totally beautiful too (Google them). Trust me, if you hit the weights and eat right (no stupid fad diets or starving yourself) and stay well away from steroids, you can only improve your shape.

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fairtheewell   Woman 40yrs

Oi!! "Look at me look at moiiii...."

You know Im not too sure if guys stand around and one lifts his singlet up and go "boys whadda ya think of me abs.." I bet if they did they'd get a beer can or sharp words thrown at them.

Obviously you are proud of your efforts and well done so you should be but perhaps you should have stopped there.

Heads up, its not the package but how the person carries it that sways a bloke! Girls come in all sizes and what some see as sexy others dont. Asking a bunch of girls is asking for trouble, unless you are in the middle of Golds Gym chatting to like minded souls!!

You are disturbing the years of hard fought love thyself from the inside honey!

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amuse_bouche   Woman 30yrs


Massive argument? Plain and simple reason, they're Jealous!

I'm an epic fan of the toned belly and appreciate the hard work that goes into it... Unfortunately due to my hectic schedule these last couple of weeks my own has lost most of its defintion :( - fancy giving me a closer look at yours, Taby? ;)

But going along those lines, I'm not so much a supporter of the 'chiseled' look on girls nor even guys for that matter.

Unless women actually take steroids, enhancers and OD on the protein shakes, it is scientifically impossible for a woman to get muscled up to the same degree as a man, because we simply do not have the requisite amount of testosterone in our bodies to do so. I've talked to PTs and seen it myself at the gym - women get sucked into the nothing-but-cardio trap of thinking that doing weight exercises will 'bulk' you up. Sure, cardio slims you down and ups your heart rate and thus your metabolism, but weights not only help to define, but also increase the strength of your core, lower back, as well as giving you better posture!

You're looking in top condition, girl. Work to maintain what you've got x
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do want

This debate is pretty similar to that of short hair on women...some people will dig it, some will not (the usual opinion being it's too masculine).

To me, the biggest turn on about a toned stomach on a girl is the dedication it takes to achieve it.
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Paradisepair   Couple Man 42yrs Woman 43yrs

I like it

Mine (mrs pp) come and go because let's face it - it takes dedication to maintain any kind of pack.
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Taby_001   Woman 28yrs


Sure anytime you want a perve let me know ;) And yes I agree with you doing weights doesnt bulk you up just tones you more. I love doing weights.
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i second the yum

nothing wrong with a hot toned body,,as long as it via exercise and healthy diet and nothing bilemia..you look awesome to me.
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hothardguy2000   Man 30yrs

Nothing wrong with them!!!

They look good...obviously not if you go over the top and are all bulging out like a steiod pumping body builder but nice defined ones on a female are good.


From your pics i can se of your abs they look really good...keep up the good work and do what makes you happy!

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I don't think it looks very natural on anybody.

When I make my international rugby come back, I'm going to have to do some work. I'll probably have a bit of a six pack and I guess I'll just have to live with that. It's just one of the things you need if you're a dynamite loose forward clearing lazy props away from the breakdown. But I can forgive my self for this.

So seniorita_taby. Are you a Russian acrobat that has to ride a unicycle up an elephants trunk with two hunky body building blokes juggling each other balanced on your nose? If you need to do something like this, then it's entirely fair for you to sport a six pack.

If it's only puropse is to cause tail enders in the high street next summer. Then maybe you should reconsider?

People should be of pleasing proportion. Pot guts look about as appealing as smelly brown stuff on the bottom of your shoe. But a ladies tummy should be the sort of place that says "Rest you lovely head here while you read some Homer".

But if yours says "drink me", then I’ll just have to read Alice in Wonderland while I rest on yours....

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Fitness/health = Attractive!

Hellz yeah! Fit girls are sooo hot :)

The human body just looks best when healthy. But not just looks - all the tiny things that add up, white's of the eyes, gorgeous smelling skin, better moods and general exuberance from additional energy, etc etc.

Good work and keep it up!
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It's such hard work to gain a six pack. Well done;-)

I just wanted to say well done!!! Thats a lot of hard work thats paid off. They arent easy to get. Personally i like a toned stomach on a lady mainly as i understand the dedication and discipline it takes to get one. And like you say, toned is good. Too defined, muscled up isnt my thing. As its been mentioned above, feminine abs are good and yes, its each to their own.

Well done you.

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Dragonfyre2010   Woman 60yrs

It is all a matter of Perspective

Senorita taby: nothing wrong with looking fit and health, I am just wondering these friends of yours, do they go to the gym? do they work out like you do? Could the main fact be that they are jealous and they aren't putting in the hard yards that you are. Often there could be jealousy or putting others down because they can't/can't be bothered to put the effort in and don't want you to show them up.
Of course if one is over doing it and being super muscled up can look quite ugly. There is nothing wrong with a nice toned. body If that picture you have posted is how you look now, then I can't seem the problem, maybe the problem is with the others, if you look good and feel good and they guys havae commented on how good you look then don't worry about the women, it could be that they see you as a threat.

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